We're calling it. This is the only pair of jeans you need in your wardrobe this year.

Jeans. We all love ‘em and hate 'em for good reason. 

They’re practical, easy to throw on, and when paired with the right top, can be easily dressed up or down.

But while jeans are the pinnacle of effortless style, they aren’t the easiest thing to shop for - in fact, there’s quite a bit of science that goes into finding a solid pair of jeans.

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With so many silhouettes, washes, details and brands available, deciding what to go for can be hard. 

But there’s one style of denim that I am certain flatters everyone, regardless of height and body proportions. And that’s the wide-leg jean.

If you're clinging on to your skinny jeans for dear life, hear me out. 

The wide-leg jeans took a back seat in the 2010s, making way for tighter styles, but now they’re back in a big way and I could not be happier.

Not only are wide-leg jeans more comfortable than any other cut of denim, they also look phenomenal on different body types. Add a high-waisted element into the mix and it’s game over for all the other jeans in your wardrobe.


So to save you from standing in a fitting room with 20 different styles, leaving you a sweaty mess after tugging on each pair, here's the only wide-leg pairs you need in your wardrobe. 

The Fated Isabel Denim Jean, $99.95.

Image: The Fated, The Iconic.

Abrand 94 High & Wide Jeans, $149.95.

Image: Abrand, The Iconic.


You + All Denim Wide Leg Jeans High Rise, $69.99.

Image: You + All.


Rolla’s Sailor Jeans Long, $159.95.

Image: Rolla's, The Iconic.

Country Road Australian Cotton Blend Super High Wide Leg Jean, $159.

Image: Country Road, The Iconic.


City Chic Harley Tillie Jean, $109.95.

Image: City Chic, The Iconic.


Rolla’s Sailor Jeans Regular, $179.95.

Image: Rolla's, The Iconic.


Cotton On Cargo Wide Leg Jean, $79.99.

Image: Cotton On.

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