There's more than one way to know instantly if you're a Gen Z or Millennial.

Apparently there are more things that make Millennials uncool and we need to discuss/sit and stew in our feelings and act like we don't care.

For what already feels like too many years, there's been some (very loud) (kinda rude) murmurings on the internet and from our much-younger Gen Z colleagues, about all the stuff Millennials are doing... wrong. 

From fashion to beauty and social media mannerisms... Gen Z has a lot to say about what makes you deeply embarrassing and cringey — and look, it almost always feels personal.

Watch: What Millennials are afraid of. You can now add Zoomers to this list. Post continues below video. 

Video via Mamamia.

It all started with the skinny jeans thing, then there was the eyeliner thing and the dance move thing, and now... the sock thing (??).

Yes. Your mortality is now visible on your ankles. 

The difference is, this time around it's not Gen Z pointing out the differences — a Millennial started it all. 

Fitness podcaster Phoebe Parsons was behind a viral TikTok video, explaining how she can tell if someone is Gen Z or Millennial. Which feels conflicting, but okay.


"This is exactly how you can tell the difference between a Millennial and a Gen Z, just by looking at their feet," she shared.

"Are their socks up? Or are they wearing hidden ankle socks?"

"Because Gen Z exclusively wear socks up and Millennials still wear ankle socks." 

Can confirm: She was wearing ankle socks while recording the video.

@phoebeacp This is exactly how to tell the difference between a millennial and gen z just by looking at their feet #millennial #genz ♬ original sound - Phoebe Parsons

And look, we're truly rattled. And so was the comment section.

One Millennial wrote, "If they’d been as aggressively bullied over the smallest hint of sock as we were, they’d never dare."

Another said: "It’s a weird turnaround. As a Millennial we were told that’s what old people do."

"But when I wear tall socks my legs just end up looking like tree trunks," someone else shared.

And girl, same.

If you're a Millennial, you'll remember that up until very recently ankle socks or no-show socks were just the done thing. 

However, with the return of almost... everything... visible socks suddenly started to make a comeback, and now it's cool to look like your dad in the '90s. 

So, you know what we thought would be really fun and not at all annoying? 


We've decided to ask the Mamamia office all the things that prove you're a Millennial versus a Gen Z and pull them together in a nice big list. For... research.

So, let's take a look at them together. As a family.

No fighting, pls.

1. High-waisted or skinny jeans versus mid to low-rise jeans.

Ahh, let's take a look back at where it all began, shall we? The jeans. 

In case you don't recall, Gen Z shamed the absolute Millennial out of everyone over skinny jeans (let's... not talk about the side parts just yet). And apparently, this now includes any jeans of the high-waisted variety, too. 

We know, we know. *Screams in Millennial*.

Instead, Gen Z favours baggier-styled jeans. That is, the mid to low-rise jeans we left back in the early 2000s/in your wardrobe at your mum and dad's house. 

2. Crossbody bag versus shoulder bag.

Question for you: What kind of handbag do you prefer?

Because apparently, your selection is very telling.

If you're a Millennial, you'll likely prefer a crossbody bag (safety! convenience! comfort!). Whereas if you're a Gen Z, chances are you're more partial to one of those trendy, cute shoulder bags. It's just science.

Are we right or are we right?

3. Bra versus no bra.

If you're a dame who wears a bra and likes to support her boobies and keep them strapped in, then apparently you're a Millennial. 


Sorry, we don't make the rules.

While most of us see the beloved bra as a non-negotiable for making sure your boobs don't touch your belly button — the new generation would rather go braless and are seemingly completely undaunted by uncovered nipples. (Thanks, Miss Flo).

But look, we all know that's only because their boobs still hold themselves up xx

4. High coverage foundation versus no coverage or sheer foundation.

According to Gen Z, foundation is dead. So.

While most Millennials came from the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse era and still prefer to wear some form of medium to high-coverage foundation, the younger generation is all about embracing bare-faced skin and natural texture — imperfections and all.

If Gen Z does choose to dabble in a bit of coverage, they choose sheer formulas that are lightweight and minimalistic.

5. Normal photo versus using 0.5 zoom photos.

You either post photos on social media with a 'normal' lens or a point-five lens. There's no in-between.

While Millennials will post standard, filtered photos with captions like, "We did a thing" (often accompanied by this emoji:😂), Gen Z will strictly only post unedited photos using a 0.5 zoom lens — featuring huge foreheads, super long arms, tiny bodies, etc.

6. Side part versus middle part.

In news to absolutely no one, the unofficial Millennial haircut involves parting your hair deep to the side — a nod to the emo side fringe moment in the early 2000s (oh come on, you were there).


But then something happened and the #middlepartchallenge was suddenly born, and now the beloved side part style has been labelled 'cheugy' and 'cancelled'. 

Meaning? If you're a Gen Z, you part your hair in the middle. If you're a Millennial, you either stick with the side part and never get asked for ID, or try to force your hair into a middle part when it almost certainly WILL NOT.


7. Knocking on the door versus texting "I'm here".

Specific? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

While Millennials will knock on your door/come in to have a chat with your roommate or partner, Gen Z will one thousand per cent of the time just let you know they're outside in the car, because politely no thanks x

8. Thick eyeliner wing versus sleek eyeliner wing.

If you want to spot a Millennial, just look at their eyeliner. 

Because there's a very big difference between how liquid eyeliner looked in 2016 versus how it looks in 2023 — and CAN SOMEONE PLS CHECK ON LAUREN CONRAD.

But seriously, it's pretty obvious. 

If it's a big fat wing that stretches from the inner corner of their eye, you have yourself a Millennial. If it's a skinny, precise line starting from the halfway point, you got yourself a Gen Z.

We'll just be over here taking a quiz to see what Hogwarts house we're in, and practising our wings xx

Tell us. What are your thoughts on the above? We need to know, immediately. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Feature image: TikTok; @phoebeacp/Canva.

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