Gen Z has cancelled eyeshadow. Here's what's replacing it.

Gather, millennial friends. Because Gen Z are yelling to the whole internet about things we're doing wrong again. And we're going to need a moment to compose ourselves — because now, the kids are coming for our eye makeup.

According to Gen Z, there's a big difference between Gen X/millennial eye makeup and Gen Z eye makeup. In fact, they're following a whole new set of rules when it comes to makeup.

And yes, it's truly going to rattle you.

Leaning into minimal makeup and the whole no-mascara or 'naked lashes' trend, apparently eye makeup is completely 'out'. That is, eyeshadow, eyeliner - the whole shebang.

 Watch: Speaking of eyeliner.. if you're struggling to get the line straight we have a brilliant solution. Post continues below. 

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It's a shift that's been bubbling under the surface for a while now, but it was brought to our attention when an over 40s beauty content creator by the name of Jennifer Latch (@jenlatch) shared, "So my daughter just told me eyeshadow is a Gen X and millennial thing — AKA an old lady thing. Is that true?"

And, we're sorry but — huh?!


See below:

Can confirm: The people in the comment section were... not okay.

One commenter said, "Why do we give a f**k, different generations have different styles."

While another follower wrote, "I'm Gen Z and you can pry my eyeshadow palettes out of my cold dead hands."

In an Instagram post by another US-based content creator by the name Erica Taylor (@ericataylor2347), the makeup artist shared an example of the different approaches to makeup side-by-side.


She said: "We can still do shadow. But we can't do this," she said, pointing to a classic smoky eye on one eye. "The light, the dark, the light, then the black around the eye, the taupe and the dreaded 'V'" she said, referring to the liner on the outer corner of her eye. "This is what dates us."

"Instead, let's do a more modern take, which I call a sunrise," she explained, revealing the more minimalist makeup look on the opposite eye.

"This is a rose gold shadow," she shared. "It doesn't have to be this - but something to give a more lively vibe, versus the taupe."

"I traded the black liner," she said, "for the Makeup Forever Bronzer liner, where we still get details but it's a lot softer and easier to blend, where we did a lift versus a 'V'."

She also explained how in the 'modern' approach, she added a little bit of liner on the middle of the lower lash line to the outer corner of the eye to give a "lifted look" over lining the whole eye, which can often make the eyes appear smaller.

She added that the 'modern' approach was better for hooded lids or eyes with more texture, as you can smudge it out.

"So, rose gold shadow, a smudge around the eye, and mascara. And over the eye through the hoods - we have a lift."


Check it out below:

You gotta admit, it does make sense when you put it side-by-side. The 'modern' approach looks fresher, and her eyes look brighter and wider. Gah.

In another clip, Taylor went another step further and shared her tips for elevating your entire makeup look — not just your eye makeup. She started off by saying, "I'm not here to pick on us and make fun of us — this is just what we know and what we could do differently." 


Hear, hear.

In her 'updated' eye look, she suggested using a moisturiser and a glowy primer (she used First Aid Beauty Smoothie Primer, $55) to give yourself a good base, before selecting a foundation shade that *actually* matches your skin tone.

She then suggested reaching for a cream bronzer (she uses Charlotte Tilbury, $84) to warm up the complexion, give an added glow and add some definition to your features. 

Next, she said to "blush with a purpose" on the high apples of your cheeks, before adding some cream concealer.

For the all-important eyes, she said, "Take more of a neutral [eyeshadow] and blend it up for a nice lifted, natural eye." She also added a tiny bit of lighter shadow in the corner of her eye to open them up and make them appear brighter.

Taking a dark brown liner (she uses a pencil from Milani), Taylor then applied it on the outer half of top lash, extending it out slightly for a winged out effect.

She added a swipe of the viral L'Oréal Telescopic Mascara, $30.

A viola! A fresh, modern vibe. 


So, there you have it!

If you're looking for a way to update your eye makeup, give these tips a whirl. Of course, as always, beauty is completely personal - and if you wanna rock a smoky eye and liner, you do you! After all, as long as you feel confident and beautiful, that's what it's all about.

What do you think? Is eyeshadow a millennial and Gen X thing? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@ericataylor2347 

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