A stylist told us the biggest hair trends for 2024 that are actually achievable.

Gather 'round, beauty pals. Because there's a there's some new hair trends kicking around for 2024 - and we need to talk about 'em.

And we get it, we get it. Hair trends can feel... overwhelming. For the most part, whatever is 'trending' on the red carpet, runways or celebrities can often seem completely inaccessible in the real world. 

Because sadly, we all don't have a team of stylists to do our hair every day. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯ 

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So if you're keen to switch up your hair in the new year while still feeling like you, we've pulled together six of the biggest hair trends that are totally wearable.

From side parts to short cuts and choppy layers, we spoke to a stylist to find out how everyone will be wearing their hair in 2024.

1. Big hair.


Bigger is better, you guys! In 2024, fluffy, oversized 'rich girl' hair is in. 

"The iconic ‘90s bouncy blowout is a chic hairstyle trend that doesn't look like it's going out of style anytime soon," said Amanda Magistro, Kerasilk Ambassador and owner of Perth’s Salon Alm.

"I feel like the end of 2023 saw us living out our '90s nostalgia and I don’t see this going away in 2024. I’m predicting the big hair blowouts to have more side throw over parts."

Yes, side parts

2. French bob.


The choppy, fun, chin-length bob is predicted to be one of the biggest trending hairstyles of 2024 (just ask our very own Leigh Campbell!). And for good reason. It’s both parts elegant and chic — and for such a short cut, the styling options are endless.

"For the short hair girls it’s the French bob, be it chin level or collar bone length with a soft mermaid bend (you know the one that’s not curled but more effortlessly done) the hair up is still going to be a strong game," Magistro said. 

3. Bows and preppy accessories.


Speaking of wearing your hair up... word on the street is to expect an explosion of 'preppy girl hair'. 

"We will be seeing a lot more accessories — think, headbands and bows," Magistro said.

Coined by TikTok (of course), the buzzy #preppygirlaesthetic trend has been doing the rounds on social media for a while now, but with it comes a new era for the beloved bow — and they're going to be the must-have hair accessory for 2024. 

Whether it's fastened in a loose half-up half-down situation, worn in a slicked-back ponytail, a top-knot, a low messy style or doubled-up (can confirm: never too many bows), the best part about the classic accessory is that it's so darn versatile. There are just so many ways to wear it.

4. Warm colours.


You can thank Rihanna, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian for this one. Described by Bey's hairstylist as a "creamy blonde with a little warmth to it - buttercream-ish", it's the celebrity hair colour trend of the moment.

"It’s all about the creamy warm blondes with the scandi hairlines for that brightness," said Magistro. 

"The honey brunette and still a whole lot of lived in sun-kissed highlights." 

While it will obviously depend on your hair colour, the great thing about the warm, honey-blonde hair trend is that it's perfect for those who want to switch it up and try something new, without going for an extreme hair transformation.


5. Butterfly layers.

The butterfly cut dominated the hair world in 2023 (looking at you, Matilda Djerf!) — and it looks like it's going absolutely nowhere in 2024. And for good reason. 

With soft, face-framing layers teamed with longer lengths underneath, it's fun yet classic and the perfect cut to lean into a more voluminous 'oversized' hairstyle (ahem... refer to trend #1!).

6. Wispy fringes.


Along with layers, curtain fringes are never going to go out of style. But in 2024, they're getting a little longer. Yes! Sayonara, baby bangs.

So, if you’re thinking of experimenting with something a little different in the new year but still want to rock a fringe, try opting for a wispy eyelash fringe.

Would you try any of the above hairstyles? Which is your favourite? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@amanda.salonalm, Canva.

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