'It gives me bouncy rich-girl hair.' 6 of the best blow-dry brushes you can grab on sale now.

Is it just us? Or are blow-dry brushes everywhere right now? Like, they're seriously having a ✨moment✨. 

And it's probably because blow-drying your hair is an absolute slog of a task – and anything that makes it easier (and your hair look... better) is a serious win.

If you're like us, it's almost impossible to make your hair look how it does when a hairstylist blow-dries it.

Voluminous. Bouncy. Shiny. 

Enter: Blow-dry brushes. Or hot-air brushes. Whatever you wanna call 'em.

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If you've never heard of them, blow-dry brushes are part hairdryer, part curler and part straightener in one. 

They're quick, easy-to-use and promise bouncy, salon-worthy hair that you can *actually* achieve yourself.

The only problem is that there are so many different ones out there. And they can be pretty pricey.

That's why we asked Mamamia and members of the You Beauty Facebook group to tell us the best blow-dry brushes in Australia — and why they like them so much.


The best part? You can grab them all on sale right now.

Here's what they said.

Bondi Boost Blow Dry Brush, was $100 now $50.

Image: Bondi Boost; Canva.

"Bondi Boost for me. Absolutely love it. I tend to half-dry my hair first with a blow dryer. Works a treat. People are constantly asking if I’ve been to the hairdresser." – Tammie.

"Bondi Booooost! Love it a lot. It’s so easy to use and is a great size so your hair dries nice a quick with plenty of volume." – Talissa.


"I have the Bondi Boost. It's great to be able to dry and style hair using only one hand! I find blow-drying so awkward usually. I have also found the results to be better." – Rochelle.

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Bondi Boost Brush! My mum gifted me one at Christmas and my first thought was that it wasn’t going to get through my very thick hair. I only use this these days and it has replaced my brush and hairdryer completely. I really like the feel of the brush (very big) and that it’s all-in-one. There are no attachments, so there's no brush coming off when you are drying and dragging it through." – Melanie.

Mermade Blow Dry Brush, was $109 now $87.20.

Image: Mermade; Canva


"I am newly obsessed with this Mermade hair blow dry brush – and I blame my colleague Charlie Begg! She came into the Mamamia office with the most voluminous, bouncy blowout. Her hair looked AMAZING, and she credited it to the Mermade blow dry brush.

"After getting my hands on it (I have the special edition Barbie brush), I've become absolutely addicted. It gives me rich-girl hair – and is so easy and quick to use. I like to pin my hair up in sections – but it seriously does the work of a blow dryer and hair styler in one. Love." – Erin.

VS Sassoon Hot Air Styler, was $89.95 now $67.46.

Image: Myer; 


"I adore the Mermade Hair one but actually... my all-time fave is an old school VS Sassoon one that I've had for 10+ years. It rotates in both directions!" – Isobel.

Hot Tools Blow Dry Brush, was $149 now $119.20.

Image: My Deal; Canva.

"I love my Hot Tools Blow Dry Brush! It has two different-sized paddles and a small round brush extension." – Melanie.


Silver Bullet Genesis Hot Air Brush, was $112.95 now $96.01.

Image: Hair Body Skin.

"Super lightweight and easy to use, this Silver Bullet hot brush makes drying and styling your hair a total cinch. I have really straight hair that can look pretty boring, and love using this to create some volume or curls. It gives me that 'salon look' with minimal effort." - Genevieve. 

Remington HYDRAluxe Volumising Hot Air Styler, was $69 now $49.

Image: Amazon; Canva.


"This is my go-to styling tool – I picked it up at Target! I love the thick head attachment because I feel like it gives me more volume. I also love how it doesn't leave my hair feeling dry – it's soft and shiny after use. It's also a little bit more affordable than some of the others on the market." – Georgina.

What's your favourite blow dry brush? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied; Instagram/@bondiboost.

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