LEIGH CAMPBELL: I cut my hair into a 'lob'. Here's exactly how I style it.

Are you sick of me banging on about my hair yet? I’m kinda sick of it myself. BUT, I finally cut it and now styling it is an entirely different process to what it was when it was long.

(ICYMI, I wrote about my very long hair and why I was reluctant to cut it for such a long time. You can get up to speed here).

Anyway, last weekend I had over 20cms lopped off by my long time mane man, Barney Martin. I explained to him that I wanted a ‘style’ (rather than one length) and that it needed to be chic and polished but also low maintenance. Not asking for much, right? But as always, he delivered.

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The result is a lob (long bob) that has subtle layers throughout the side and fringe to accentuate my hair’s natural movement. 

Before the chop when my hair was super long (and super damaged) it was all about smoothing, restorative products to make the ends look less like a broomstick, whereas now the aim is volume and bounce, so my arsenal has totally changed.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Making friends with mousse.

Remember mousse? If you’re old enough you probably used it in the 90s to get that crunchy Maggie Noodles vibe to your hair, or to shape and set your wave-shaped heavy side-parted fringe.

But mousse is sooo handy when used the right way. I’ve been using a small ball of the KMS Add Volume Styling Foam, $32.95, massaged in mostly at the roots, then letting my hair air dry. 


I even pop it in after shampooing at night and let it dry overnight while I sleep (shhh, don't tell my grandma or she’ll swear I’ll catch a cold). 

Then when my hair is fully dry I use a hot tong to define some waves on the top layers, which kinda ‘reactivates’ the mousse for subtle hold. 

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Mastering new tools.

I could put waves in my hair with a straightener with my eyes shut. On a rollercoaster. In a blizzard. Why? Because practise makes perfect and that’s always how I've curled my hair.

But a barrel tong is heaps better for creating waves with volume at the roots, which is the look I'm after. So, this week, I’ve been playing around with the GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong, $250. I’m not very good at it, so it takes ages, but I’m determined to persevere until I am good at it because the end result is worth it. 

As mentioned above, I mostly just use it throughout the top sections to make those layers look a little more polished. 

Lazy tricks to quick volume.

Once I’ve achieved the tousled waves I’m after, I want them to stay like that. I’ve been playing around with a whole bunch of volume products to do so and the three winners that offer all day bounce (or reactivate quickly with a scrunch at the roots) are the O&M Desert Dry Volumizing Dry Texture Spray, $36.95, the Frank Body Dry Clean Volume Powder, $19.95 and the Batiste Volume Dry Shampoo, $12.99.


Not forgetting hydration.

Barney explained that a common mistake people make when they go from having long hair to a shorter style is that they're suddenly all about volume (plus their new cut makes them forget about caring for their mid-lengths and ends), so they accidentally get lax on the hydration. Then, they want to grow their hair long again but have been slack with giving their ends the nourishment to do so. GUILTY AS CHARGED.

He prescribed R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo, $49 and Gemstone Color Conditioner, $49 so I’m getting my mitts on those this week. I’m also using the Biologique Recherche Pommade Capillaire, $140 (sorry!), which is a protective and repairing serum, through the very ends.

Sounds like a lot for a week, huh? It has been quite the journey. 

I’ll keep you across any great products or clever tips I discover, and in the meantime I’d love you to tell me your favourite styling product! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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