"I can't bring myself to get a lob. A celebrity hair stylist told me to try this instead."

So far this year, we’ve pretty much established everyone’s getting a lob haircut.

The chop is on-trend, and don’t get me wrong, it’s great.

Lobs (long bobs) and bobs are everywhere. On Instagram and red carpets. Walking down the street. In the office. At the gym, presumably.

On Sylvia Jeffreys, Jesinta Franklin, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Jenna Dewan and all the Kardashians.

I know it’s ‘in’ and fresh and all the kids are doing it, but I just can’t commit to chopping my hair off. Not after I’ve been growing it for so long, I just can’t.

So where does that leave me? Am I destined to spend the imminent future in the corner twirling my long hair while all the lobs chat about how much they love their new hair?

Surely, there’s got to be another way, I thought. So I asked some hair stylists to give it to me straight: What are the options for on-trend hair in 2018 if you don’t want to get a lob?

Thankfully, they showed me the solution and, friends, it’s called The Shag.

Meet the shag haircut on Georgia May Jagger. Image: Getty.
And Sienna Miller, the iconic shag-er. Image: Getty.
A shag can be short too, but mostly this pic is here because of its shagginess. Image: Instagram.

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The shag is the haircut to get if you've got FOMO from everyone chopping their hair off but can't commit to that kind of change.

According to Priceline Hair Director and La Boutique Salon owner Kenneth Stoddart, this '70s style is coming back to the future.

"The '70s shag is the cool girl's haircut," he told Mamamia, which made me worry because I am not remotely cool. Ugh.

"A lot of girls are coming in and asking for a lob, or a bob, which can be really neat and fresh if you've got the right face shape. But the shag is just really easy and undone."

Characterised by its curtain-style fringe that can be parted down the middle and choppy texture, Stoddart listed Danish model Freja Beha Erichsen as having the quintessential shag haircut.


"It's the fringe and the layers, and it's got a bit of movement in it. I'm getting so many clients coming in now saying they want a long fringe or curtain bangs, and a lot more people are embracing their natural texture which makes styling easier."

OK cool. So now you've got your alternative to the lob, how do you ask for it when you're sitting in front of the mirror at the salon and the stylist needs to know what you want?

"Ask for a textured shaggy cut, think Sienna Miller and Alexa Chung as your examples," editorial hair stylist and master colourist Amy Creten told Mamamia.

"It's all about keeping length in the ends but creating some longer layers around the back. With this particular fringe, it needs to be kept slightly longer so it can be worn swept to either side from a strong middle part."

If you have naturally curly hair, the good news is this style comes in a curly-haired version too a la Zoë Foster Blake and Zendaya.

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Not barrel or beachy waves, but genuine curls. In fact, Stoddart said his clients are even starting to ask for perms again to get a natural full head of glorious curls.

So there you have it. The shag is the perfectly cool and effortless alternative to getting a lob.

Now, you and your ponytail can sleep soundly again.

Are you thinking about getting a lob? Which haircut do you think would suit you better?