Exactly where all your favourite Game of Thrones characters ended up after the finale.


Warning: This post contains A LOT of spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8. If you’re not caught up on the latest episode, bookmark us and come back once you’re ready to properly debrief.

Guys, we made it.

Although it might not have quite sunk in yet, Game of Thrones is officially over.

Over the past decade, we’ve watched all of our favourite (and not-so favourite) characters grow up right before our very eyes amid battles, betrayals, bloodlust… and ~incestous relationships~.

Now, after eight seasons of speculation, we finally know who will sit on the Iron Throne.

And well, it was… not who we were expecting.

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Although we’ve always envisioned the likes of Daenerys Targeyen or even Jon Snow on the Iron Throne, in the end, it was Bran Stark who ended up on the Iron Throne. (Yep, we’re confused too).

The finale also wrapped up the storylines of the other Stark children, with Sansa becoming Queen of the North, Arya heading west of Westeros and Jon Snow being exiled to the Night’s Watch.

But we can’t help but wonder… where did all of the other Game of Thrones characters end up after the finale?

Here’s what we discovered:

Jon Snow

Jon Snow is exiled to the Night’s Watch to live out his last days after killing Daenerys Targaryen.


With no women around in the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow marries his one true love, Tormund Giantsbane. He always had a thing for red head wildlings.

game of thrones
We saw it coming all along.

They live together with the free folk and Ghost for several years before they adopt a child.

They name their son Tyrion Eddard Night King Snow.



Ghost lives a long, happy life.

He stays a very good boy and gets endless pats.

game of thrones


Arya sails west of Westeros and discovers America. She adds two people to her list – David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.

She falls in love and has a child. Years later, her great great great grandchild is born – Tony Stark.

Eventually, Arya returns to Winterfell with a few Americans in tow.

She opens a Starbucks franchise by the Weirwood and only bakes one more pie with a person in it.

game of thrones
Arya brought back exactly what Winterfell needed. Starbucks and Joe Jonas.


After hearing that Arya has left Winterfell, Gendry attempts to sail west to join her on her adventure.

In just three days, he's swallowed whole by a whale.


Tyrion becomes Hand of the King once again. He leads the small council as King's Landing is slowly restored to its original state.

After several weeks, Tyrion realises that selecting a King based on who he got drunk with after the Battle of Winterfell wasn't such a great idea.

He leaves his post and lives his last years out how he always planned – drowning himself in endless wine.

Before he quits as Hand of the King, he gets monuments built to remember his father, brother and sister.

game of thrones
It's... weirdly accurate.


After being appointed Queen in the North, Sansa Stark has a quarter life crisis. She gets a dramatic new haircut, dyes her hair blonde and invents a new dance move. Apparently it's called "dabbing"?


After having not much luck with the men in Westeros, Arya brings her back a man from America. He's a Jonas Brother, whatever the hell that means.

She eventually gets bored of Winterfell's cold weather and hands the North back to Bran so she can travel back to California with Joe Jonas.


After becoming a Maester, Samwell keeps fighting for his invention – democracy.

Eventually, Bran gets sick of hearing his pitch and tells him about the future of democracy.

Once Samwell hears about Donald Trump, he gives up and goes back to working on A Song On Ice And Fire. According to Bran, it'll become a big TV series one day that'll make the world very mad.

game of thrones


With Bran in charge, there are no wars. Ever.

Before an inkling of a war can even begin, Bran finds out and stops them before they can even happen.

Eventually, after years of peace in Westeros, Bran gets bored. He wargs into Drogon and burns down the Iron Islands. Just for a bit of fun. We always knew he was evil.

Grey Worm

Grey Worm travels to Naath with the Unsullied to liberate Missandei's people.


In the end, Grey Worm realises that he took his men to an island... where outsiders are killed by the poison of butterflies.

They're all dead in days.


Brienne is appointed the new Lord Commander of the Kingsguard.

In her spare time, she starts a relationship advice podcast about how to deal with f*ckbois.

Eventually, she realises that she has her own f*ckboi to deal with and she decides to alter Jaime Lannister's entry in the Book of Brothers.


"This man is the nastiest sk*nk b*tch I've ever met," she writes. "DO NOT TRUST HIM."


Drogon returns to Essos, where he was born.

He lives out the rest of his life as a very good boy until Bran ruins everything.

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