Jo Abi

Jo Abi is the author of the book How to Date a Dad: a dating guide released by Hachette Livre Australia. It is about to be released as an ebook much to her delight. Her first love is being a mum closely followed by writing about being a mum. Jo has been known to write blogs about her husband that she deletes instead of posting as a form of therapy. One day she will push the 'post' day. She is a part-time radio and TV traffic reporter for the Australian Traffic Network and has a radio background so is a good addition to dinner parties. Jo is about to begin her Masters in Creative Writing at Macquarie Uni which she hopes..."will help me complete one of the seventy-plus novels I have started but not finished." Jo recently moved from Bondi to the burbs and is still trying to adjust to the trees, spiders and lack of accessible waterways. Jo gains and loses the same six kilos every year and subsequently owns every diet book ever released. Her favourite pastimes include reading blogs by other mothers, eating, watching Dexter and The Good Wife and changing her toenail colour.