Extreme Saving: It hurts but it works.

Bargain hunters often describe it as a rush when they find a good deal and save money. It’s in complete contrast to a similar rush others feel when they spend money.

Meet some of the world’s most extreme bargain hunters.

A Netflix documentary called The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching follows the cost-cutting habits of a mum, a bride, a single man and a family man.

Each takes bargain hunting to their own unique extreme.

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And it’s not just because they’re “tight”. For married-mother-of-two and midwife Judith Wenban, 39, it’s so they can save money and go on holidays.

Here are some of their extraordinary tips to save lots and lots of cash.

1. Use vouchers and coupons.

Judith collects vouchers and coupons in order to save hundreds of dollars at the supermarket each week and you can too. By trawling through magazines and newspapers as well as joining websites like Finder and All The Deals, both of which are in Australia, you can collect all sorts of vouchers covering many of the basics in life.

Mother and son enjoy cheap dinner. Image: Netflix

2. Turn your supermarket dockets over.

When you shop at Coles and Woolies you'll often find all sorts of incredible deals on the back of your docket so turn it over and read it. Who doesn't want an extra bucket of chicken at KFC or a 20 per cent discount at the local drycleaner? So no more shoving them into your handbag.

3. Eat roadkill, but carefully (and, yes, we would not try this at home).

Jonathan McGowen is an expert on roadkill. The 44-year-old hasn't paid for meat for 30 years and spends his days driving the local streets looking for freshly killed wildlife. It is a completely extreme way to save money but where McGowen lives he says there are quite a few ducks, birds, rabbits and squirrels to choose from, CAREFULLY, because it's only the recently killed that can be prepared and frozen for the next BBQ.

Man retrieves road kill for BBQ. Image: Netflix

4. Buy wedding flowers at supermarket.

As soon as you mention the word "wedding" everything triples in price, so engaged couple Rebecca and Stephen decide to save themselves hundreds by purchasing flowers for the ceremony at the local supermarket, using a rewards card to save even more money.


5. Buy in bulk.

If your favourite deodorant is on special, or you find a voucher that gives you a significant discount,you can maximise your savings by buying in bulk. This is especially true with products such as deodorant and shampoo that can be quite costly when it's full price.

Mum uses bike to go grocery shopping. Image: Netflix

6. Eat foods you don't like.

Judith found a voucher for free microwaveable burgers so rang around, found the supermarkets that still had them in stock, and bought as many as possible. Her two young sons said they tasted "horrible" but sometimes you have to eat foods you don't like to save money. Sometimes you start out liking the freebie but get sick of it, as was the case in Judith's household when she managed to pick up quite a bit of Dr. Pepper (a soft drink) at a bargain price.

7. Make your loved ones do table decorations for your wedding.

Rebecca called in her sister and fiance to fold napkins and make table decorations in order to save money on the reception. There are plenty of YouTube videos to show you exactly how to make incredible decorations and with Stephen totally on board, it's sure to be a smashing day.

Couple does nighly internet research to find the best bargains. Image: Netflix

8. Use price comparison websites.

By doing a bit of research every day, you can plan your weekly shopping carefully and ensure you get the best deals possible. All you need to do is use price comparison websites like Shopbot and Pay Less Deal, both in Australia to ensure you're paying the lowest price possible for all of your favourite products.

9. Don't turn the hot water on unless you absolutely have to.

Installing solar panels can save money on your electricity bill and you can take it a step further like Judith by turning the hot water off and only showering when the sun has come out and the hot water has heated. Otherwise, a couple of days without a shower isn't the end of the world.

For more extreme penny pinching tips watch the Netflix documentary The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching

What are some of your tips for saving money? Share them in the Comments section below.