This mum sent her five-year-old to school with vodka. But the story has a happy ending.

It was another busy school morning.

A Queensland mum was doing all the things that mums do before school, her mind going at a million miles an hour.

Just as they were about to race out the door, she called out to her five-year-old daughter to grab a frozen fruit pouch from the freezer for her school lunch.

Because good mums freeze their children’s juice pouches in order to keep their lunches nice and cold.

“I’m such a great mum,” she probably thought to herself, having no idea what had actually just happened.

Listen to Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo talk about the raspberry vodka slushie. 

But as all good mums know, it’s the moment they think they might be doing an okay job that the universe steps in to remind them to:

a. Keep trying and:

b. Never lose your sense of humour.

The phone rang. It was her daughter’s school. They just wanted to let her know that her daughter had come to school with a Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka pouch in her school lunch.

Did she know that?

Yep, her daughter had grabbed it instead of her usual juice pouch.

There’s a couple of ways the mum could have responded to this phone call. She could have gotten defensive.

“Well, take it off her then!”

Or laughed it off. She chose the latter.

The unidentified Queensland mum wrote on Facebook:

They were very good about it lol. I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter’s behalf).

I apologised for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed thankfully.



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Video via Mamamia

It could have been much, much worse.

Remember the mum who received a judgemental letter for packing a healthy chocolate slice in her child’s lunch box?

Or that time I accidentally packed a museli bar containing nuts in my pre-schooler’s lunch box at his nut-free pre-school.

And while the debate surrounding the fact alcohol products even try and resemble slushies and juices and ice blocks can probably be revisited another time, you can still have a bit of a giggle.

And most Facebook users did have a bit of a laugh over it.

I just spat my wine out picturing the teacher’s face!

My daughter’s teacher prob would’ve drunk it!

But maybe keep the alcoholic drinks in the spare fridge from now on.

Listen to the full episode of This Glorious Mess with Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright.