5 of the best nail art stickers if you're looking for an easy (and cheap) mani.

Looking for an easy way to do nail art and manicures? Well, you're in great company. Whether you don't like to sit still for ages, can't be arsed with the regular appointments or hate the way things like SNS, shellac or BIAB leave your nails (you should totally try Japanese manicure), we've found quite possibly the easiest way to nab fun and funky nail designs without having to sit in a salon chair.

Enter: Nail art stickers.

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In the past couple of years, stick-on nails have absolutely blown up - with tons of your favourite brands now offering an easy DIY solution that's accessible and affordable. All you need to is a good pair of tweezers to peel 'em off, your fave polish (optional) and a strong top coat and you're sorted.


Keen to give them a whirl? Below, we've pulled together a list of all our favourite nail art manicures. It's time to get creative.

Easy DIY nail design ideas and where to shop them.

Flowerbed Nails Launch Party Collection, $15.

Image: Flowerbed Nails.


These are like the Harry Styles of stick-on nail art. Flowerbed Nails are funky, colourful and the easiest way to up your mani game. Each order comes with one sheet of 110 stickers, and they usually last up to two weeks.

Rubi Nail Sticker Pack, $5.99.

Image: Cotton On.

Whether you want to overlay on natural nails or place them over a pop of nail polish colour, these nail stickers from Cotton On are a fun way to brighten your beauty look. The pack includes four sheets, and you simply place the sticker on your nails and press down lightly, before adding top coat. 


ACEmedia 24 Patterns Nail Stickers, $12.10.

Image: Amazon.

Whether you're looking to up your usual French manicure game with a splash of colour, or just want to add a funky design to your nail polish colour, these colourful geometric patterns are a super fun option. You get eight sheets in a set, and they come in all different shapes and sizes. 

You simply remove them, cut them into the desired size and immerse in water (different) for 10 to 20 seconds. You then wet your nail and use tweezers to gently place the sticker on your nails, and press them on firmly.


OSTTMA Colorful Flower Nail Art Stickers Decals 3D, $21.10.

Image: Amazon.

If you're a flower gal this one's for you. You get 30 sheets of flower nail art stickers in one set (you just peel and stick these ones on), so you can level-up a boring mani in literal seconds. So pretty. So cute. So girly. 


Fetti Kids Nail Stickers, $20.98.

Image: Amazon.

Okay, it's clearly labelled 'kids nail stickers' but that means nothing because How cute are the designs? Each set comes with four sheets and 816 nail designs total. 

Are you a fan of nail stickers? Or have you tried any of the above? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@flowerbed.

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