DIY stickers and the new French mani: The nail trends you're about to see everywhere.

If nothing else, 2020 was the year to get a little creative with our nails.

From removing shellac at home to attempting press-on nails, last year taught many of us how to paint our own claws and experiment with what we put on them.

And as a result, 2021 has ushered in some seriously fun nail trends. So if you need some inspiration ahead of your next appointment or want to attempt them for yourself, here are the biggest nail trends for the year to come.

Nail art stickers.

Lazy ladies, listen up! This one is for you.

In 2021, one of the most popular trends will be nail art stickers. Whether that be a sticker to cover your entire nail (and look like you've had a fresh manicure) or little baby stickers to add on top of polish, nail art stickers are the cool hack to up your nail game.

Plus, if you're someone who loves a salon mani but hates spending that money regularly, this is a more wallet-friendly option.


Cute, huh!

The revamped French manicure.

French manicures have always been a chic nail option. But in 2021, they've had a bit of a glow up.

The revamped French manicure is where instead of opting for your traditional white tip, you pick a colour instead. Think fluorescent pink or punchy black on the end of your nails. 

Somehow the little change makes the trusty French mani look a little fresher, and it's the perfect way to introduce a subtle pop of colour.


Patterns. Lots and lots of patterns.

Finally, we'll be saying goodbye to simple nails and making way for bold patterns.

One of the most popular patterns we've noticed on nails is swirls, but this year, anything goes. So find inspiration on Instagram (#nailart is a godsend), archive your favourites in your saved folder and take them to your nail tech, stat. 


What nail trend will you be trying? Let us know in the comments!

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Feature image: @no29naillounge