The theory behind Harry Styles' new buzz cut.

As a matter of urgency, it's time toupee attention to Harry Styles' head. Specifically, the balding rumours.

Because there have been whisperings. Lots and lots of (rather loud) whisperings. 

But before we get into it, let's touch on the most obvious news here: Harry Styles now has a buzz cut.

See here:

And then the official Buzz Cut Announcement Portrait here: 


And look, we're adjusting, but nonetheless, he's still incredibly attractive. 

Huge news, though. And it's everywhere. Seeing as Harry Styles' luscious brown waves are almost as famous as Harry Styles himself, the people are QUITE STRESSED.

But back to the (pre-buzz cut) rumours.

Is Harry Styles balding?

It all started back in May, with a post from the very popular and always juicy anonymous celebrity gossip page DeuxMoi (which also broke the news of his recent buzz cut).

The pop culture page stated that an A-list celebrity with a huge female following is actually bald and wears a toupee.


Tell me more.

The anonymous submission read: “This A-list musician/ occasional actor has a dirty little secret he hasn’t shared with fans. Literally! He has gone almost completely bald. His hairpiece is so lifelike that only a good eye could pick it out, and that’s on a bad day.” 

Image credit: @DEUXMOI

The anonymous poster then straightened out a few spicy Machine Gun Kelly theories, writing: "I sent that email and it's not mgk".


Image credit:@DEUXMOI 

Now there's a #baldgate theory. And it's about my boyfriend Harry Styles.

The crux of the theory spurs from "evidence" of Styles wearing a secret hairpiece on his recent world tour. And these videos are racking up thousands upon thousands of views.  

So, is Harry Styles secretly bald?

The supposed 'clues' started cropping up after a TikToker by the name of Abbi Henry posted a viral clip (tagged #JUSTICEFORBALDHARRY), in which she told her followers:


"He did say that when he goes out in public and doesn't want to be spotted, it's really easy to do. And if you were bald, it would in fact be very easy to do." 

@abbi.henry JUSTICE FOR BALDARRY #harrystyles #larrystylinson #louistomlinson ♬ original sound

And okay. When you think about it, he does really love to wear a hat or a beanie when he's out in public? Like ALL of the time?

Following this, there have been a bunch of other viral clips analysing Harry' hair (?)... from recent shows across Europe. And honestly, the enthusiasm to prove the singer is balding is potentially very problematic and telling, but we'll get to that later.

Because the clips. There's just so many of them. 

They're mostly in slow-mo, and most of them show what appears to be some sort of headpiece coming away from Harry's head - starting at the back, then the front and... no, they kinda look very real?

@k.s._edits care to explain harold #fyp #baldharrystyles #harrystyles ♬ original sound - uhurayedits


By a celebrity?? Sir, pls.

@luu.creziaa well…… #hslot #harrystyles #baldharrystyles ♬ original sound - xyxrdo

But then also, most of the clips are very blurry.

And editing is an easy thing people can do nowadays. So.

Has Harry Styles commented on the balding rumours?

So The Rolling Stone actually asked Styles if he's actually balding. Which seems kind of rude?

The Rolling Stone article said Styles apparently laughed it off and said he didn't know anything about the internet's obsession with his hairline until his friend Tom Hull (a.k.a Kid Harpoon) told him about the rumours.


"He’s completely obsessed with it," Styles said, referring to Hull. "He won’t stop sending me messages about [people] trying to work out if I’m bald."

"What is it with baldness? … It skips a generation or something, right? If your grandad’s bald then you’ll be bald? Well, my granddad wasn’t bald, so fingers crossed."

And that's it. That's all the evidence. And the gossip. And the words from Harry himself.

The truth? Unclear. And wildly unimportant.

All we know is that if this whole thing proves anything, it's that the fear and negativity around balding is still very much a thing. But the fact is that 50 per cent of the population will suffer some form of hair loss in their lives — and it's nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. 

We just want to make it clear that if someone chooses to wear a headpiece — good for them! You do you. If it makes you feel confident, then that's awesome. 

Hair or not, the guy is still incredibly good-looking.

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Feature Image: TikTok

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