The very best nail designs for ladies who can't help but bite.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a nail biter. Right down to the quick.

In times of stress, or just plain boredom, you’ll find me chomping away with my fingers in my mouth.

nail art 2017
Nail biters anonymous. (Image: Supplied)

I've searched high and low for the magical answer of how to stop biting your nails, tasting many a disgusting nail polish flavours along the way.

But the only solution I've ever known to deliver long-lasting results is nail art.

Whether it's the fear of cracking a tooth or pain of ruining a beautiful manicure (or a bit of both), getting my nails pimped out with nail art for short nails is a full proof method to kicking the downright dirty habit once and for all.

And the best bit about it is nail art 2017-style involves almost any pattern, colour, shape or embellishments you can imagine, meaning you're bound to find something out there for you.

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Here are our favourite picks of nail designs for short nails, for women who either can't/or don't want to grow their nails long...


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I know this one's not technically nail art but a great SNS (Signature Nail Systems) manicure in a nude colour is a great start for those who aren't used to having jazzed up nails.

The hard-setting powder finish will put the fear of God and expensive dental bills into you and have those fingers out of your mouth in no time.


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Not just for your hair, balayage is a great nail art option for short nails because it's delicate and light - in stark contrast to our normally stubby, sharp looking talons.


Colour blocking

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The key to, ahem, nailing bright coloured nail art when you're a nail biter is nail polish remover and an infinite number of cotton tips.

Extra points if you colour block your nails with your outfit or lipstick, creating the illusion of a seamless, off duty model type look.



As a fellow nail biter, I know just how hard it can be to not cover your finger tips in nail polish when striving for a manicured look.

This daisy pattern is a great alternative that won't leave you in a mess of smudged nail polish on the floor.

You can use the end of a handy bobby pin to paint on your delicate petals.


If you're so deeply scared from nail polish disasters you can't bear to give it a go without professional help, give nail stickers a go.

Coming in a variety of patterns and colours, nail stickers are versatile and adaptable, enabling wearers to chop and change their look whenever they like.

So if you're game, give these nail art designs a try. Enlisting the assistance of a friend is advised though because let's be real - short nails are still short.


What are your favourite short nail designs? Let us know in the comments section below.