Is BIAB actually good for your nails?

Are you trapped in the cycle of SNS and acrylic manicures, wondering if there’s a gentler, yet equally chic option for your nails?

Enter BIAB nails, the breakthrough in the world of manicures that's capturing the hearts of nail enthusiasts globally. But what exactly are BIAB nails? And how do they compare to the more traditional SNS and acrylic options?

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Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the world of Builder In A Bottle (BIAB), unraveling its mystique, and exploring its potential benefits for nail health and aesthetics.

What actually is BIAB?

BIAB nails, or "Builder In A Bottle" nails, are revolutionising the manicure game. BIAB is a gel formula that is both robust and flexible, enhancing nail strength while preserving their natural health. Imagine having the allure of well-manicured nails without the dreaded aftermath of brittleness and damage.


BIAB vs. SNS and Acrylics

In the world of manicures, the BIAB, SNS, and acrylic options reign supreme. Each has its own legion of loyalists, but how do they fare when pitted against each other, especially in the aspects of application, durability, aesthetics, and most importantly, nail health? Let’s dissect each to offer you a crystal-clear perspective.

What SNS nails look like


What Acrylic Nails look like


What BIAB Nails look like

What application process is easier?

SNS nails are renowned for their easy and quick application. They involve dipping the nails into a powder, which then hardens with a sealant. Acrylics, on the other hand, are a mix of powder and liquid that hardens over time to give that luscious, glossy finish. BIAB nails employ a gel formula that's applied like a polish but offers the strength akin to acrylics.


Durability and Aesthetics

SNS is celebrated for its durability, often outlasting the typical two-week expectancy of most manicures. Acrylics are a close second, though prone to chipping if not maintained well. BIAB nails match this durability but offer additional flexibility, reducing the chances of chipping or breaking, a quality that makes them a favourite for many.

Nail Health

Here lies the most significant differentiator. Acrylics and SNS, though stunning, have often been criticized for the damage they inflict on the natural nail, resulting from the harsh chemicals used and the removal process that involves soaking and scraping. BIAB is a revelation in this aspect. The ‘5 Free’ formula ensures it’s devoid of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and toluene.

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Removal Process

BIAB nails champion a hassle-free removal process. There’s minimal filing, no intense soaking or scraping, ensuring the natural nail remains largely unscathed. In contrast, the removal of SNS and acrylic nails can be a rather harsh process, often leading to weakened, brittle nails.

Customisation and Versatility

BIAB is not just a protective measure but a canvas for artistry. Whether you fancy extensions, an infill, or simply a protective overlay, BIAB nails are adaptable, making them a versatile choice for varied nail types and preferences.

In essence, while SNS and acrylic nails have carved their niche for their durability and aesthetic appeal, BIAB nails are making a significant incursion, offering a balance of strength, beauty, and nail health. They promise the allure without the aftermath, making them a compelling option for those seeking to marry aesthetics with the intrinsic health of their nails. In the contest of BIAB vs. SNS and acrylics, the former is emerging as a holistic solution, marrying the world of aesthetic splendor with the often-neglected aspect of nail wellness.


The Science Behind BIAB

Curious minds often seek the science behind the spectacle. BIAB is not just a trend but a scientifically backed practice that prioritizes nail health. It doesn’t employ harsh chemicals typically associated with traditional manicures. BIAB is ‘5 Free’, meaning it’s devoid of formaldehyde, toluene, and other detrimental chemicals.

The Nail Biting Truth

For the nail biters among us, the struggle is real. Traditional manicures like SNS and acrylics often become the go-to options, but at what cost to the natural vitality of our nails? BIAB nails offer a sanctuary of strength and beauty, even for the most avid nail biters. Here, we journey through the experiences of nail biters who've transitioned to BIAB, exploring the impacts on their nail health, growth, and overall aesthetics. BIAB emerges not just as an alternative, but as a holistic solution catering to both the aesthetic and health aspects of manicuring.

Your Guide to BIAB Nail Care

Embracing BIAB doesn’t negate the need for a tailored nail care regime. While they promise resilience and beauty, maintaining this manicure type to preserve its allure is paramount. With BIAB, you’re not just adopting a manicure; you’re embarking on a journey where aesthetic meets wellness.

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