'I joined private celebrity dating app Raya. These are the 12 famous faces I spotted.'

If someone knows you're on celebrity dating app Raya, chances are their first question is — which celebs have you seen on there?! I know that was the first thing out of my mouth years ago when a friend in LA shared he was on it way before it was available in Oz.

If you haven't heard of Raya, it is a private membership-based dating app described as "an exclusive platform for people in creative industries". Not just anyone can join and there is an application process that now includes referrals from other members.

Back during lockdown, I decided to try my luck on the app. Not that I expected to be approved or if approved that Ben Affleck (a former Raya user) would be in my 5km radius and want to share my bubble, but a girl can dream.

I put in my application and waited, and waited, waited some more and eventually forgot I had even applied and then last year, I received a notification that my membership had been approved.

I can only imagine they were having a Black Friday Sale on or that an intern had pressed 'accept' by accident. Whatever the reason I was in, I had the triple-A pass and could get into the roped-off section. Let's go!

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Like all dating apps, you have to upload a selection of your best pics (I've never been so grateful for the professional Stellar Mag shots I could upload), link your Insta account, write a short bio and connect a song that sums you up — I went big with Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'. But something tells me you don't want to know what song I picked for my profile and that you might be more interested in who I’ve spotted over the last year…


Now to be clear, there are lots of creative, accomplished, dapper chaps on the app. But my first bona fide celeb spot was actor Owen Wilson. Long a fan of Owen and brother Luke, both for their acting skills and facial features, I was excited. I'd also made a pact with my good mate and former podcast co-host, Sarah McGilvray, that I'd share all celeb sightings.

The second I took a screenshot of Owen's profile, a screen popped up reminding me of privacy on the sight aka no screen shots… I'd forgot the first rule of Raya! I thought I was curtains for sure and would have to give my triple-A pass back immediately but maybe they had a two-strike rule, and my membership was safe.

Over the months I have spotted a plethora of stars (sadly all based overseas) from Chris Rock to Gavin Rossdale, Zach Braff to David Spade, Gary Dourdan (the HOT guy from CSI) to one of my teenage crush's actor Matt Dillion.

John Mayer, who I worked with in the early 2000s and whose music I still adore is on there — but for 'friends'. I'd have thought he'd have plenty of friends but maybe he's trying to get his 5.8 million Instagram followers to a round 6 mill?! Next time he's in Sydney I'm happy to hang in the friends zone. We could get our nails done, catch a movie or go see the Banksy exhibition. Just throwing it out there John.

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Video via Mamamia.

Comedian, actor and author, David Walliams, has popped up a few times — hands down his profile has more photos than any other profile I've seen — most with his dog.

As a huge Downton Abbey (and Paddington) fan I was excited to see Hugh Bonneville recently grace my phone screen.

Hands down though, my personal favourite has been actor /comedian and writer Brett Goldstein. I love him. There is a photo of him on my vision board as one of my absolute dreams would to be write with him — he is hilarious. Would I mind snuggling into his chest hair while he whispered his Roy Kent lines from Ted Lasso in my ear ("You deserve someone who makes you feel like you've been struck by f**king lightning") of course, not but only during a writing break Brett!

The award to the celebrity that has caused the most weak knees when mentioned goes to Sam Heughan also known as Jamie Fraser from Outlander. Seriously, he is so many peoples' hall pass, he must be at platinum status (if hall passes get issued cards these days). So many of my friends get very hot under the collar talking about the man in the kilt.

Speaking of getting hot under the collar, I'm not sure how long my membership will be valid after this article so Brett Goldstein, if you are reading this, the best way to get in touch for future writing partnerships is to slide into my Instagram DMs…

Have you been on celebrity dating app Raya? Tell us in the comments section below.

Feature Images: Instagram @cathrinemahoney.

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