If you went to see Chris Rock and left the show unimpressed, you're not alone.

When Chris Rock performed in Australia this week, people walked out of his shows.

Hailed as one of the greatest comedians in the world, Rock’s controversial material from his Total Blackout tour proved to be too much for some Aussies.

After Rock joked about paedophiles, porn and his ex wife’s vagina – people walked out mid-show, while others stuck around to heckle the well-known comedian.

About to hit the stage hope they laugh.

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According to The Sunday Telegraph, the comedian also told his audiences he had done “n****r research” before coming to Australia and was horrified when he found out “hunting aboriginals” was legal in Australia until the 1920s.

“Forget the segregation on the buses in America during the ’60s,” he joked. “You guys were hunting Aborigines.”

During one of his shows an audience member even yelled out, “I want a refund”.

The Bachelor’s Sam Wood even slammed the comedian’s performance after attending his Sydney show on Thursday night.

“I love stand-up and ­appreciate how hard it must be, but last night a quarter of an 8000-large audience left before the halfway mark and I wasn’t far ­behind them,” he told KIIS FM’s Drive show.


However Australian comedian James Smith, who was Rock’s support act, has stood up for the veteran funnyman.

Perth Australia sound check total blackout tour. Homesick. Need some tussin.

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“All I am going to say is Chris Rock is one of the world’s top three comedians,” he told The Sunday Telegraph. “Up there with Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld.”

“I think anyone who was offended by any of the jokes must have been aware of the content of the show,” he said.

“Audiences are well warned. So I don’t know how anyone could be shocked and, if they were, then maybe it has more to do with a sensitivity I see in Australian audiences that you don’t see overseas.”

After performing his last show in Sydney on Thursday night, Rock has flown to Auckland to continue his Total Blackout tour.

Did you see Chris Rock’s Total Blackour tour? What did you think?

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