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simple simon January 18, 2021

@hopey "if it's pen and paper I use a fake name and fake number, which totally defeats the purpose, I know"

Yes it does. I also wonder if it's legal. Why not just write your husband's number?

simple simon January 18, 2021

@gu3st Just the Medicare card number and not the expiry date or reference, I don't think identity theft/fraud would really be an issue.

simple simon January 17, 2021

@cat That idea of women having the option to use their Medicare No. is great. I wonder if they thought of that.

simple simon January 16, 2021

@mamamia-user-515500734 You do know watching it is not compulsory?

simple simon January 16, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 Well that episode was showing that when a woman had a baby to look after, they are not interested in anyone else's lives.

simple simon January 16, 2021

I'm pretty sure that legally you only have to give your first name. (And I've seen sign-in sheets that actually state 'First Name'.)

I was at a cafe a few weeks ago and their sheet asked for address. I gave it, but I thought that was way crossing the line.

simple simon January 16, 2021

And five years later Duthie, now Kimberley Ametoglou, is telling her story as the NDA's have expired.

simple simon January 15, 2021

This was an episode of SATC. Miranda had just had her baby when Carrie came to visit her. Carrie was talking all about the guy she was seeing, and Miranda was all at sea trying to look after the baby while exhausted, paying no attention to anything she was saying.

simple simon January 15, 2021

So this is what the police meant yesterday when they said not to make assumptions.

simple simon January 15, 2021

"if weight loss is the goal then diet is the key ... The amount of exercise required to burn off excess consumed calories is almost impossible"

Correct. As someone who once lost thirty kilos in three months, my biggest takeaway was: exercise to lose weight is a fitness industry scam.

As per the article, exercise has many health benefits; but weight loss is not one of them. 

simple simon January 12, 2021

Funnily I was watching that episode yesterday. I was thinking: Is that what it's like for hot-shot men? If they're with one woman, and a woman they think is hotter comes along, do they just say "Hmmm, I'm gonna dump the woman I'm with and take this other woman instead"?

simple simon January 12, 2021

a classic early noughties favourite... the exposed G-string
C'mon Mamamia! You have to include a picture of the Aussie classic of this: 
Tania Buckley at the Brownlow's.

simple simon January 7, 2021

What does "live in the centre of Sydney" and "inner-city living" have to do with it?

Do we automatically assume men who live in the outer suburbs (or in the country) are less "woke"?

simple simon January 7, 2021

What about the time when Gabrielle was having an affair with her gardener. Gabrielle and Carlos were heading off to a fancy dinner party one night and Carlos believes the grass hasn't been cut and so says he's going to fire the gardener.  Gabrielle tells him it has and that he just can't see it at night. When at the party, Gabrielle returns home, and in her black-tie outfit, cranks up the lawnmower and mows the grass herself, then returns to the cocktail party. In the morning, Carlos come out and sees the grass has been cut and agrees not to fire the gardener.

Well, Desperate Housewives was part comedy.

simple simon December 30, 2020

@elishatraill Ummm, not really sure how any of that relates to what I said. I said, (generally speaking) people who work for an income look down on those who don't. I'm not commenting on whether doing so is right or not. 

Following this, it is common for people (men) who don't work for an income to completely withdraw from life, because they know they are going to be looked down on by others.

simple simon December 28, 2020

Yeah, people who work for an income look down on people who don't. I thought we all knew that.

Re. the husband and father dying, I would've thought all such men have life insurance?

simple simon December 23, 2020

@cat So who's it "created' by then? Let me guess: the patriarchy? (Whoever they are.)

simple simon December 22, 2020

@green.james1989 "she usually just said if they kept at it they’d be a superstar"

If that's to a young person, that's a pretty irresponsible thing to say.

simple simon December 22, 2020

@cat "created to stop women realising that they can have one child and a career and push them into the housewife role"

Ummm, "created" by whom? So when women say to a woman whose just had a baby "when are you going to have another baby?" it's all part of some grand plan?

simple simon December 16, 2020

A female Australian writer/comedian said she didn't like any of the terms Miss/Mrs/Ms so when a form asked, would put Dr.

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