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simple simon April 10, 2021

If you are sharing your fertility journey with a partner ...
Wow! I've never seen this before: not just assuming someone having fertility issues has a partner - or even wants a partner.

simple simon April 8, 2021

@rush Thanks. I think Biotin was one that some celebrities were claiming was the reason for their luscious long locks.

simple simon April 7, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 You can't publish a photo of someone when they have explicitly said they don't want the photo published, just so people don't feel bad about themselves. What about all those 'stars without makeup' photos. Do  you think they were fine? I think they were disgraceful.

simple simon April 7, 2021

@cat Nah, plenty of people said Kim K was "great for body diversity".

simple simon April 6, 2021

@mamamia-user-556745246 As per the article 

Like the rest of us, [Khloe Kardashian is] free to choose what she shares and what she doesn't
It's respecting the individuals choice. If someone doesn't want an unauthorised photo of themselves publicly disseminated - yes, even a celebrity - then it should not be.

simple simon April 6, 2021

Who is a good candidate for anti-wrinkle injections?
Anyone above the age of 18 ... 
I thought anti-wrinkle injections for young people who didn't have wrinkles was a scam? eg. preventative botox

simple simon April 6, 2021

Daryl Somers ... is set to judge the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars
Hello Mamamia,

Just letting you know Somers is not actually a judge; along with Sonia Kruger, they are the hosts.

simple simon April 5, 2021

The long-running variety show ... ran from 1971 to 1999
Actually, it was originally a Saturday morning kids show. (I remember, as I was a kid who watched it on Saturday mornings.) It only became an evening variety show in the mid-80s

simple simon April 5, 2021

There's no such thing as "flexitarian"; you either eat meat or you don't. (Similarly, there's no such thing as a vegetarian that eats fish.)

simple simon April 1, 2021

We love to cheer on the underdog and clap for the beautiful maiden
Exactly! If an old, fat, black man had gone to these publishing houses and media outlets and claimed he'd cured himself of cancer through clean, healthy living, I'm pretty sure they would have (figuratively) told him where to go.

simple simon March 30, 2021

Are there actually pills and vitamins that can make your hair long and luscious?

simple simon March 29, 2021

Hello Mod's

I didn't get a notification about this reply to me.
Yet I do get notifications to replies that are not to me? 

simple simon March 28, 2021

I'm not saying my gender are inherently evil, but I think a woman with a major disability putting herself on dating sites is going to mostly attract the wrong kind of men.

As an aside, there was a movie about a woman who walked with a limp and walking aids, but wanted to meet a man without having to deal with that. So she had a cast put on her leg and told men she was recovering from an injury.

simple simon March 25, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 We celebrate [(famous) models]? Do we? Do you? 
Well, we as modern western society certainly do.

Also, when a glamorous model marries a high-profile footballer, all of a sudden her views on every single thing are treated as grand philosophies on life.

simple simon March 24, 2021

@gu3st Interesting that we hate on influencers as not doing anything or contributing anything, and merely making money from being young and glamorous, yet we don't hate on (famous) models. Aren't they the same? Yet we actually celebrate them.

simple simon March 24, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 When did Fabio cut off his long hair? The most recent man i can think of is Alexander Skarsgård; but just think of any high-profile-ish man with long wavy hair who has cut it.

simple simon March 23, 2021

@dudus temere gravis So you had lovely long hair, and when you cut it off, all the women cried?

simple simon March 23, 2021

So why ask people what they think, then get upset when they tell you?

On a related point, I've noticed that when a (high-ish) profile man with long, wavy hair cuts it all off, women seem to have no issues openly stating their disapproval.

simple simon March 21, 2021

@smart cookie Here you go:

Stellar mag declares it will no longer ask women about their baby plans
“Having featured so many women in Stellar who have opened up about various challenges they have faced in starting a family – including of course many women who have been candid about the prejudice they have faced for choosing to be child-free – we became more conscious of the role we were playing in inadvertently perpetuating the idea that a successful woman’s reproductive choices are the most interesting thing about her, and we also wanted to pay an active role in showing more sensitivity towards a woman or couple who might be privately struggling with pregnancy loss or infertility.”

simple simon March 21, 2021

@katp When it comes to asking people if they have kids, we need to accept that there are people who dearly want to have children, but are unable to. Asking this to such individuals will be difficult for them to have to deal with. You might think you're only one person and "just making conversation", but the reality is such individuals have to deal with this question every day, from every one they meet.

When you meet someone, if they have kids and want to talk about them, they will tell you; you don't need to ask them.

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