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simple simon September 5, 2021

@rush I thought it was becoming not uncommon for new couples, particularly those who already had established lives, to choose to continue living in their existing separate homes.

simple simon September 4, 2021

Maybe now life can imitate art and she can live happily ever after with 'Leonard'.

simple simon September 2, 2021

If you were with someone before they were famous, does it actually count as having a famous ex?

simple simon August 29, 2021

Does anyone use epilators any more? I found they gave me ingrown hairs that I then had to pick out.

simple simon August 26, 2021

"The body language was kind of threatening; it was all up in my face," [captain, Arne Rinnan] said
Yes. He and his crew had literally just saved their lives, yet they were threatening them.

After this, did shipping companies have to introduce policies that their ships were not to rescue asylum seekers lost/drowning at sea, because their staff could then be threatened if they didn't take them to where they demanded to be taken?

simple simon August 20, 2021

Calling another woman a 'See You Next Tuesday' on television is not really ideal.
Ummm... yes, it isn't.

Also, isn't it: C U Next Tuesday?

simple simon August 14, 2021

@km Being typecast isn't exclusive to female Hollywood actors.

simple simon August 9, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 Huh? Many women keep their former husband's surname after they divorce. As did 'Charlotte McDougal' for a while.

simple simon August 9, 2021

Kristin Davis could have been the face of Carrie Bradshaw instead of Charlotte York Goldenblatt. 
What about McDougal?

simple simon August 9, 2021

@alexharley22 You had to tell your mum that now she was divorced, all her friends were going to turn their back on her. Wow!

simple simon August 9, 2021

@cat "the only way to avoid it is to make sure he doesn't have any female friends"
Or even, not interact with single women at all.

simple simon August 6, 2021

@flyingdale flier Coincidentally there was an article in The Good Weekend today that had this quote.

"Another woman, divorced, tells me there are definitely social disadvantages to being a single woman. “It’s the single men who get the casseroles and the dinner invitations, and everyone thinks you want to steal their husband,” she says, accustomed now to the unfairness of it."

simple simon August 6, 2021

drinking more water will help you feel fuller
I think this is a bit of a myth as well. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger; but I don't think drinking water in and of itself actually suppresses the appetite.

simple simon August 5, 2021

@ak87 so they're not a case of you get what you pay for?

simple simon July 25, 2021

I thought after people had kids they couldn't even remember life "BC"?

simple simon July 25, 2021

... how is everyone so hairless?
I assume they shave daily.

On a related point, during lockdown, like most men. I grew an iso beard. Now post lockdown, I actually can't even be bothered shaving my face anymore. So yes, I admire these women's commitment to complete body hairlessness.

simple simon July 24, 2021

Why are only people who are 10/10 hot allowed to play?
Because the viewing public are really only interested in the love lives of glamorous people.

simple simon July 22, 2021

Why do the women consistently wear bikinis and heels?
I assume for the same reasons women wear heels with any other attire.

simple simon July 20, 2021

@random dude Oh, I actually hadn't thought of 'The Blues Brothers'. That wasn't cringy at all. So, 98% it is.

simple simon July 15, 2021

6. "Musicals are cringey."
I agree 100%