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simple simon July 14, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 Hmmm... I thought those Japanese hostesses were just that. You always hear stories about wealthy Japanese men giving women huge amounts of money for eccentric things. I thought it was true. 

As I said, it was great that this article clearly stated these women are required to engage in sexual acts with older men.

simple simon July 13, 2024

@keen teacher  I agree it is sex work but the name denotes a specific type. 
I don't agree. The name implies that wealthy older men are giving these women large sums of money, just to talk, go to dinners, keep company etc. No, you engage in sexual acts with older men for money.
What bothers me is, as usual, you need to be pretty for this kind of work
Well, that is the case for almost all image-based fields. Not just sex work.

simple simon July 13, 2024

@mamamia-user-482898552 At least this time we didn't get the almost standard line: some of my clients don't even want to have sex; they just want to talk. Which leads young women into believing there are eccentric wealthy men who'll give them a thousand dollars just to talk. 

Oh, and we don't use the P word anymore. 

simple simon July 6, 2024

Those stories of celebrities putting on disguises to attend public events as regular folk, are they real or myths?

simple simon July 6, 2024

I thought Chantelle Otten was a sex expert (whatever that is?). When did she become a relationship expert?

simple simon July 2, 2024

@snorks And when Michael Hutchence died way back in 1997 it was widely speculated that it was this (auto) sex act gone wrong.

simple simon July 2, 2024

Isn't that the whole reason we're hanging out at your house instead of going out? Because none of us can afford to go out anymore?
Off-topic. Is it actually more economical to host a dinner party than to eat out?
(I'm from an Arab background, so for dinner parties all i have is memories of my late mum buying huge amounts of food and spending days and staying up all night cooking.)

simple simon June 30, 2024

@d123 When I was younger society philosophers would say the reason the poor people want rich people to get richer is because they think they are going to be rich one day.

simple simon June 29, 2024

@d123 Yes, you are deluding yourself. If you did have "that level of money" you'd still just want more and more and more.

simple simon June 26, 2024

Props should be given to her ... that she at least helps quash the idea that women need to be rake thin and lacking in any curve or bump
I thought that was the only reason women's outlets were so obsessed with Kim K in the first place.  (I mean, it's not like she actually does anything.)

I can't imagine it'd be easy having your income reliant on your appearance
Ummm... plenty of people are in fields where their income is reliant on their appearance. Models, actors, pop stars, TV presenters etc. That's the world they've chosen to enter

On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians
I don't think it's called that anymore.

simple simon June 20, 2024

I’m kind of over dating apps, but until something better comes along I'll be in there swiping
Umm... isn't that actually why people still stay on them after they've met someone?

simple simon June 14, 2024

asking people how much they spend on cosmetic surgery is a whole other level of nosy that we're VERY into.
Specifically, how much women are spending on anti-wrinkle injections.
Injections aren't surgery.

simple simon June 11, 2024

Genuine question: is it actually common for women to have a close straight male friend? When either a single or coupled woman has a close male friend, I just assume the guy's gay. (And I thought everyone else did too.)

On a related point, I really hate when women in new (hetero) relationships say: we were just friends first. It's basically telling men that if they are "just friends" with a woman long enough, she'll eventually want to be with them. (Or, as I've come across some women put it more brutally, that men see friendship with a woman as just a process they go through in order to ... engage in sexual acts with her.)

simple simon June 11, 2024

@mamamia-user-893622181 I'm just a naive straight middle aged male, but yes, I would've thought society would find it weirder that a woman in a hetero relationship has a close straight male friend, than a single lady having one.

simple simon June 9, 2024

@jay Huh? I thought this idea of uni was debunked forty years ago. That generally men who learn a trade go on to earn as much if not more than men who went to university.

simple simon June 8, 2024

My city council sends out a list of free things to do.

On a related point: if you're going to invite others to do an activity with you, please consider each of their financial situations. Either be sure the activity is within their budget, or say it's on you.

simple simon June 8, 2024

if you go to libraries to get some admin stuff out of the way, you technically are spending money 

simple simon June 5, 2024

Ummm... unlike the tradwife movement, I'm pretty sure women being told to marry rich men, or 'marry well', has been around for hundreds of years.

Genuine question: away from the high profile cases that media outlets obsess over, generally speaking, do rich men really marry poor, low status women? Don't the rich stay with the rich?

simple simon June 4, 2024

Is anal bleaching still a thing?

simple simon May 29, 2024

many of the women who join my trips are encouraged and supported by their husbands and partners to take a .... holiday and enjoy time for themselves
Really? Wow.