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laura__palmer September 15, 2021

@cat I know! What are you doing? This is your chance to go completely out there and look like a gold robot. Or a silhouette or a queer earth or like you've chucked a blanket from your bed on as a cape. Or some sort of merry go round horse.

Can I just reiterate the gold robot? Lil Nas X is just the best. 

laura__palmer September 15, 2021

Hilarious! I read the books in my 20s, and I can absolutely say that all of these things were discussed at length by adults who were quite horrified at what was being offered as YA fiction to teenaged girls. Edward is absolutely toxic, Bella is a Mary Sue with no personality (she's "clumsy", that's about her only "flaw"), and don't even get me started on the imprinting on a baby. Gross! Poor Jacob, though. As you say, Bella just uses the poor bloke.

Also, the writing. My god, the writing. Horrendous! Everything is wintry and everyone is chagrined. Constantly.

laura__palmer September 14, 2021

 @suz I don't like the woman much, but this is a ridiculous thing to say "She has let the female side down badly. She is not coping, lacking stamina and tenacity, it implies females are weak and they are not. She has no spouse or kids to worry about, quietly lives by herself, yet can’t do a press conference because she has to keep a clear head to do her job, that is her job."

Like has ScoMo let the "male side down badly" by being weak and lacking leadership skills and basic compassion? No, because that sounds ridiculous. A woman in power is not a representative of all women and all women should not be considered weak or lacking in stamina and tenacity because one woman has been perceived to be so. Also, her private life is irrelevant as to why she might want to step back from the daily press conferences.

laura__palmer September 13, 2021

I can't help, I love the Met Gala.

laura__palmer September 9, 2021

 @snorks Although I don't like body-shaming comments like this, the way he screwed her out of her own money, including future earnings, I can understand why she was mad and why she did it. He sounds awful. Imagine having to pay your toxic ex your own earnings for the foreseeable future, you might lash out like that, too. 

laura__palmer September 8, 2021

@shadie3 Get off the fence, we can't get on with life because people are being obtuse about the vaccine!

laura__palmer September 8, 2021

How can he be so obtuse that he thinks it okay to use these women's experiences without consent to make himself sound good? He violated them all over again and it's disgusting. If he and his party get back in at the next election, heaven help us all

laura__palmer September 2, 2021

@rush It's disgusting. It makes me so mad that this is happening. To be pregnant and not want to go through with it and have no options other than put your body through that trauma, I can't imagine what that must feel like. Abortion is a basic human right, as far as I am concerned. 

laura__palmer September 1, 2021

Get vaccinated! Everyone is better off taking a small risk with the vaccine than getting this Covid variant. Don't be a statistic to make a point about the vaccine

laura__palmer August 29, 2021

@snorks Come off it, we did not enter that war for compassionate reasons. 

laura__palmer August 29, 2021

@katp There is a difference between vaccine-hesitant and anti-vaxxers. You can't change their minds. You can only shut them down and support legislation that shuts them down. They have no right to an opinion because their opinion is dangerous and completely ignorant. I don't think anyone has an obligation to consider their opinions on this matter. The only anti-vaxxers I've seen that change their minds are when they are affected directly by not being vaccinated. 

laura__palmer August 29, 2021

 @cat This is a blatant cash grab, as far as I am concerned. And, yes, you can distribute naked photos if they fall under 'art', which this does. Also, if it is 'child pornography' (which it isn't), then everyone who bought the album has broken the law. I cannot see any court going down that road by awarding this guy anything.

There was a contract, a verbal one. The guy should be suing his parents if he feels aggrieved by this. He was not 'exploited' by the band, as is obvious when you read about how the image came about.
I don't think it was a great idea to use a naked child on an album cover, but he doesn't have a case.
I can't see him getting anything except for future copies being censored, which is probably for the best. 

laura__palmer August 29, 2021

As a white person, I think it's important to stand back and listen to the voices of non-white people. And, when you do that, it's plain to see that Australia is a racist country and has a long way to go to right all the wrongs. If your first instinct is to contradict lived experiences and take offence, then you are part of the problem. 

laura__palmer August 26, 2021

@katp I understand the perspective of anti-vaxxers. They want to feel special by ignoring people who have studied and tested and worked hard to bring us life-saving medicine and sprout off their own, uneducated, ignorant views, expecting to have their opinion actually count and be considered. They should not be listened to but shut down at every available opportunity. To say it's acting out of "fear" is a cop-out. Using children's death to push your own, uneducated, ridiculous opinion is disgusting and evil. 

laura__palmer August 26, 2021

@cat the parents did consent, though

laura__palmer August 17, 2021

@guest2 “Personally, I believe that every able bodied man and woman in Afghanistan should have fought tooth and nail to retain their freedom” 

Are you for real? How easy for (I presume) a white, comfortable western woman to say when she lives in one of the safest nations for white people on earth. My goodness, get out your bubble and get some perspective. Honestly, the audacity it takes to say such a thing! I’m disgusted.

laura__palmer August 11, 2021

@guest2 you will get COVID, whether you “hunker down” or not. I don’t think you realise what it’s going to mean for the unvaccinated when we open up again. You will not be eligible for Pfizer for a long time, not until there is excess stock, so all you are doing is putting yourself and those who legitimately cannot have a vaccine, at risk. 

I was talking to my boomer mum and step dad about people like you. They find it quite disgusting that their peers are holding out.  They both had AZ and my mother is susceptible to blood clots. But it was safe for her, because it’s a different condition that is more likely to appear in young people. So it’s absolutely arbitrary at this point to wait and it’s kinda selfish, especially since right now,  young people are putting themselves at a greater risk than you of blood clots just to do the right thing and get vaccinated with AZ. 

laura__palmer August 11, 2021

Just when you think this disgusting government couldn’t get any lower...

This just proves that they do not represent Australians in any way.

laura__palmer August 11, 2021

@guest2 I mean, it is your right to wait and I don’t agree with forcing vaccinations into people, but you do realise that once we get to 70% vaccination rates, we are opening up. And when that happens, everyone will get COVID. Your risk of dying from COVID is much higher than getting a blood clot from AZ, so I reckon it’s better to be vaccinated, because at least when you do catch it, it will be a mild form. You could be waiting a long time to be eligible for Pfizer and you are putting yourself at risk to make an arbitrary point. Also, the data is quite clear: younger people are more at risk of a blood clot from AZ than older people. You are not being discriminated against, no matter how much you want to be. 

laura__palmer August 3, 2021

@cat Obviously there are many in that boat. But there are a lot of people in the groups already eligible for a vaccine that are refusing. So why not start now?