Short nails are taking over. Here are 7 ways we're wearing them.

In case you missed it, long nails are dead. Haven't you heard? Gone but never forgotten. Six foot under. Yes, really! IN 2024, short nails are having a serious moment. 

Take a look at the recent Oscars 2024 red carpet and you'll notice one thing — actually maybe two — a) all the celebrities are looking... different and b) everyone's wearing short manicures again.

Of course, nail trends come and go — and manicure shapes, colours and styles (see: 'old money' manicures) are forever changing. From Japanese manicures and French manicures to BIAB and press-on nails, nails are having a serious moment and we're here for it. 

Watch: Can confirm: Mamamia has always loved short nails! (Also - all the throwback evidence we need that what goes around comes around!). Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia

But back to short nails and the Oscars red carpet

Because after years of those terrifying talons and lengthy acrylics, nail trends have done a full 360 and absolutely every celebrity was wearing short, neat nails. In fact, even the colours and designs were low key. Think: polished but not loud.

While the red carpet is usually the moment for dramatic, bold-look manicures, everyone from Jennifer Lawrence to Zendaya, Emma Stone, Issa Rae, Emily Blunt and Em Rata were spotted wearing minimalist nails. And we totally get it — shorter-manicured nails feel fresh, chic and fun.


Below, you'll find seven of the best short nail styles and colours that'll convince you to go short.

Of course, it goes without saying, but nails are a completely personal thing. We would never tell you that you have to do anything! If you want to stick with your long nails — great! If you like different colours and styles than the ones below — that's totally fine! Each to their own, you do you, etc. etc.

Now, let's get into it!

Jewel accents.


From metallic gold to silver, jewel tones and mirrored polish on short nails look seriously chic. It's the perfect mix of minimalism x maximalist, with jazzy accents levelling-up a subtle sheer shiny. From an embellished tip to dash of sparkle around the cuticles, we can't get enough of this look. Perfection.

Bright green nails.


You heard it here first, friends. A wash of bright colour on short, neat nails is a must have - and green is the colour of the moment. In't it just gorgeous? Kermit the frog is SHAKING. 

But honestly, we think the shorter length is perfect for a bold colour that might otherwise feel a bit too intense on longer nails. Save this for your next nail appointment.

Mix-and-match manicures.

Subtle, mismatched manicures are trending and if you're after a fun, statement short nail look — this one's for you. Featuring a pick and mix style of patterns and shapes on each nail it's all about personalisation. 


So, don't be afraid to mix colour palettes, textures, shades and designs. The perfect way to add a pop of creativity to your look without trying. 

Jelly nails.

Is it just us, or is this the coolest looking manicure you've ever seen? Teaming a traditional nail manicure with fun jelly accents, it's the versatile, playful trend that'll make your short nails look unique and stylish. The best part? They can be completely customised with whatever colour or design of your choice. Cute!


Vibrant french manicures.

Who said French manicures had to be boring?! We love this colourful, vibrant twist on the classic French manicure from nail queen Bettina Goldstein. It's an easy way to add a burst of colour and we love how versatile it is when it comes to colour combinations. We're bookmarking this one!

'Naked' nails.


In case you missed it, your manicure is getting a serious makeup under. 'Old money' manicures are in - and the best way to wear them is short and simple. Worn sheer, 'naked' or in a semi-opaque milky shade of soft white or pale pink base (there are exceptions to a hint of neutral colour, though), this nail trend looks clean and healthy, without looking boring. 

It's one of those chic, 'clean girl' manicure looks you'd see on the likes of celebrities like Sofia Richie (the queen of 'quiet luxury' herself).

Rich brown tones and neutrals.


Yes, we're back talking about 'chocolate nails' again - but there couldn't be a better time, because the trend just looks so damn good on short nails.

From chocolate shades to walnut brown and luxurious neutral shades, nail experts said this shade is among some of the most popular nail shades this year. We love how these rich brown tones compliment gold jewellery and elevate almost any outfit. Did someone say 'old money' vibes?

What manicure styles are you loving right now? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@nailsbysuman/@bettinagoldstein.

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