SNS, BIAB, gel: Exactly which manicure is best (and worst) for your nails.

If you're a person with a set of nails and you're partial to the odd nail treatment (welcome, please sit), you'll know how confusing it can be when it comes to choosing a manicure.

Between BIAB, gel, shellac, SNS, press-on nails - there are so many options out there, and chances are, you just wanna pick the one that's not going to make your nails go to poo. 

So, is there such a thing as a 'healthy' manicure?

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Below, we asked nail expert, founder of Sydney salon The Parlour Room and Self by The Parlour Room Natalie Ferrari to tell us which manicure option is the best for your nails.

Here's what she told us.

What is the healthiest manicure option?

When it comes to the best manicure for healthy nails, Bio Sculpture and Evo Gel are the top options. Heard of them before?

Also known as 'BIO nails' (not to be mistaken with BIAB!) Bio Sculpture is a unique gel-based treatment that not only acts as a protective layer but also enhances overall nail health, Natalie explained. 

"Its formulation, rich in vitamins and minerals, fosters strength and length, making it an excellent choice for nail care. Unlike other permanent polish manicures, Bio Sculpture offers versatility, allowing you to sculpt and shape the product according to your preferences," she said. 


"The results last for up to two to three weeks, showcasing the durability and longevity."

Long-lasting and healthier? Where do we sign up!

"The product is soaked off completely every two to three weeks and then re-applied so full nail health is able to be checked between sessions instead of just infilling the nail."

Similar to Bio Sculpture, Evo Gel is a bottle-and-brush gel system (like Bio-Sculpture, it's an in-salon only treatment) that focuses on nail health and safety. 

"The formula is not only quick and easy to apply but also durable, providing a high-shine finish," explained Natalie.


"The gel overlay ensures flexibility for better wear. Ideal for soft, thin, and weak nails, EVO offers support to all nail types."

Evo Gel lasts around two weeks so if you enjoy changing your nail colour frequently, this could be a great option for you.

Is gel polish good or bad for your nails?

One of the most popular options getting around, gel polish is applied directly to your nails and dried using a UV light

While it lasts a lot longer than other manicures (which is a big part of why we love it so much!), the fact is that removal can be tricky and you're more likely to damage your nail bed trying to remove it at home/peel it off. (Don't worry, it's not just you.)

"Gel polish isn't necessarily harmful to your nails; rather, issues like improper removal, genetic factors, and lifestyle choices are often the primary culprits for weakened nails after gel application," said Natalie.

"If you notice your nails becoming less resilient with frequent shellac or gel use, consider giving them a break and opting for regular polish. Additionally, try applying home treatments to promote nail health during this break like cuticle oil or booking in regular Nail Recovery Treatments."

What's the worst manicure for nail health?

If you're an SNS regular, you might want to take a seat. Because according to our expert, it's probably the worst manicure option. 

"In my view, SNS poses the greatest risk to nail well-being. Its lack of flexibility makes it prone to cracking, and the inability to be in-filled means significant use of acetone during the removal process," she said. 

If your natural nails are feeling damaged and weak, opting for a basic manicure is your best option. (Check out the Japanese manicure for some inspo!). "Opting for regular polish will always be the best choice for maintaining healthy nails," shared Natalie.  


Not only is it the most cost-efficient choice, but it requires less time in a salon chair. Plus, pared-back nails are totally on trend for 2024

So, there's never been a better time to embrace your natural nails!

What's your manicure of choice? Share with us in the comment section below.

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