'That's really outdated to me.' 5 nail trends from a celeb nail artist for the rest of 2023.

From press-on nails to French tips and bold, bright colours, nail trends have been thriving in 2023, with more styles, shapes and nail designs getting around than ever before.

So when celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt recently shared her 'fall nail trend' predictions for the remainder of 2023, you're going to bet we were ready to take notes.

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If you haven't heard of Ganzorigt before, she's the woman behind the manicures of Hailey Bieber (yes, she's responsible for the famous glazed doughnut manicure!), Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Sydney Sweeney and a string of other A-listers.

Basically, she's the go-to nail artist for every celeb, ever.

So, wanna know what her trend predictions are?

If you're looking for some nail inspo before you head into the nail salon, we've got you sorted.

1. Aura nails.


Her first prediction? Aura nails. Apparently, a bunch of her celebrity clients are requesting the design – and it's about to go mainstream (again).

"I'm thinking aura nails are coming back, which I'm actually obsessed with," Ganzorigt said in an interview with Who What Wear. "Every single client of mine is asking for aura nails, even Christina Aguilera.

"She was like, 'You need to find more airbrushed nail designs for me because I love it.' It's not only Christina. So many of my clients are asking for airbrushed nails. I think that's going to be big."


If you're not down for spending big on pricey nail salons right now (read: all of us), Ganzorigt said you can easily achieve this look at home.

For a DIY nail design, she told Who What Wear you can use something called "blooming gel", which is a base coat that makes your nail polish kinda 'bleed out' or spread across your nail.

She said to also grab a small makeup sponge and dab the colour until it creates the kind of effect you're after. You can also apply powdered eyeshadow on top of this base coat for a splash of colour, before sweeping on your top coat to seal it all in.

2. Dark shades


In true fall fashion, Ganzorigt said you can expect to see browns, and orange hues making a comeback. (Just look at Vanessa Hudgens' deep, matte shade above. Drool).

While we're in different very different seasons here in Aus, we can see this trend gaining some serious momentum because it's literally the stuff of our Y2k dreams.

"Every fall, it's a darker colour, like rusty brown or rusty orange – that kind of colour gets really popular," Ganzorigt said.

When it comes to specific shades she recommends, Ganzorigt told Who What Wear there are two standout colours from OPI. "Brown to Earth is a really good brown colour for fall." 

"I also like Malaga Wine by OPI. It's not brown; it's more of a deep red, but that's a really good fall colour. Every fall, that's my most in-demand colour."

3. Glazed doughnut nails.


Yep, Hailey Bieber's glazed doughnut nails are going nowhere! In fact, they're about to become the biggest nail trend for 2023 brides. 

"They're like the new French manicure," Ganzorigt said. "It's the new signature wedding nails for brides." 

You heard it here first.

If this isn't really your vibe and you're looking for a more traditional approach for your upcoming nuptials, Ganzorigt also said neutral manicures in shades of wedding white will also come out on top this year.


And neutral, barley-there shades are Ganzorigt's speciality, with the artist sharing that she likes to mix different shades to complement her clients' skin tones.

Some of her faves? OPI's Bare My Soul – "I empty that polish so fast," she said.

She also likes OPI Put It In Neutral, Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny – a milky white colour that she said is really subtle and pretty, and it's the original glazed doughnut nails under-shade colour. 

"That's my go-to soft white colour that will be really pretty for brides." 

4. Almond-shaped nails.


Quite possibly the hardest decision after picking a colour is picking the shape, and Ganzorigt has just made it easy, because apparently almond nails are in. 

"The shape that people request the most is a medium almond shape," she says. "You see it everywhere. It's personally my favourite nail shape. It's the most natural-friendly nail shape because it doesn't break as easily as other nail shapes. It also makes your fingers look longer."

5. Short, square nails. 


If you get almond-shaped nails all the time and are looking for something different, why not take a note out of Kylie Jenner's book and opt for a bold shape?

As Ganzorigt said, "I'm also seeing a lot of my clients switch to short, square nails. I did that shape on Kylie [Jenner]."

The one nail shape she suggests ditching? Coffin nails.

"That's really outdated to me," she said. "When my clients ask me, I'm like, 'No, you're not doing this. You can make it short and square, but no coffin."

Note. Taken.

What are your go-to nail looks? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram; @nailsbyzola.

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