The 5 trending nail colours to ask for at your next manicure.

Fact: No sentence ignites a wave of sheer panic and indecision quite like the words: "Please pick a colour". Because when you're sitting in the nail salon with 75 shades of pale pink that all kind of look the same (but different??), it's a whole thing. And then whether you're opting for BIAB, SNS, shellac, gel or natural nails – is a whole other ball game. 

Yep, the confusion is real.

So, to save you from getting the same colour you've been getting for the past two years and totally regretting it on the way out (all of us) we're bringing through some fresh inspo for your next appointment.

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Below, we asked nail expert, founder of Sydney salon The Parlour Room and Self by The Parlour Room Natalie Ferrari to tell us which nail colours (and designs) to ask for in the salon for 2024.

Here's what she told us.

1. Chocolate hues.


According to Ferrari, chocolate shades, walnut brown and luxurious neutral shades are some of the most popular nail shades this year – so, it makes sense why you're probably seeing them everywhere right now! 

"Embracing warmth and depth, these luxurious shades exude elegance," said Ferarri, who suggests pairing the nail look with "understated neutrals for a chic minimalist look." 


"It has such a versatile appeal," she adds. So, expect to see plenty of variations getting around, especially with the cooler weather.

2. Minimalist nail gems.

If you're anything like us, nail gems always sound a bit scary. But according to Ferrari, a minimalist approach to gems can elevate any manicure without looking too hectic.

"Embrace the philosophy of 'less is more', she told us. "Instead of bold and extravagant designs, we are opting for more minimalist arrangements of tiny gems, strategically placed to enhance the natural beauty of the nails." 

This kind of vibe:


Pretty right?

"It's perfect for those who appreciate understated glamour, and it offers a refreshing alternative to bolder nail art styles."

3. Glazed nails with a French tip.

There's a new twist on the humble French manicure – and honestly, it looks better than ever. "Glazed nails with a French tip will provide a contemporary update to the traditional French manicure, incorporating the chrome trend," said Ferrari. 

Think: iridescent, creamy and glazed finishes combined with a white strip or a colourful pop of colour on the tip.


"This trend seamlessly merges the classic French tip with the smooth shine of a chrome topcoat."

4. Classic reds.


When in doubt, go red! "From bold 'Big Apple Red' to deeper hues, red nails are making a serious statement in current trends," said Ferrari.

"Whether it's for embracing the 'Old Money' trend, or simply testing out the red nail theory, this colour is undeniably having its moment and we think it will remain in the spotlight for the foreseeable future."

There's just something about a red mani that always makes every outfit look ten times more chic, so honestly – we're here for it.

5. Minimal nail art.


From squiggles to scribbles and swirls, Ferrari said minimal nail art is another nail colour trend that will come out on top this year.

"This trend focuses on clean lines, subtle accents, and negative space to create chic and understated manicures," she said. "Geometric shapes, thin lines, or simple dots. Bows, hearts and curved lines are currently trending." 


Which nail colours are 'out' for 2024?

When it comes to the nail colours you might want to ditch this year, Ferrari said at the top of the list is the 'jelly nail' manicure trend. While the popularity of this look exploded this year, our expert said will see us leaning more towards a minimal, low-key nail colour trend.

'The jelly nail trend refers to a style of nail design characterised by translucent or semi-translucent nails with a slightly squishy appearance, resembling jelly or gelatin," she explained. "They feature vibrant colours or glitter suspended within the translucent gel."

Next on the list? Long nails (yep, we totally called it!). 

"Long stiletto nails are out. Not only are they hard to do anything with, but they are hard to maintain," said Ferrari. "They require frequent upkeep to prevent breakage and maintain their shape." 


Honestly, we're not mad about it. Who else is a fan of short, easy nails? Hear, hear.

Also on the way out is the 'glitter ring fingernail trend', which apparently involves applying glitter polish to the ring fingernail as a focal point or accent. Very specific, but also a crazy popular trend last year. "It's over and we hope it never comes back," said Ferrari. "Sorry to anyone who still requests this." 

And last but not least, Barbie-inspired manicures are officially over.

"Inspired by the launch of the Barbie movie last year, we saw a lot of vibrant pink hues and glittery accents. We hope Barbie enjoyed her moment in the spotlight."

Obviously, keep in mind that beauty is a 'you do you' kinda game, so if you love to rock hot pink nails or you're still in love with jelly nails – go for it!

What nail colour are you obsessing over right now? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image: Instagram/@theparlourroom.

This article was originally published in February 2024 and has since been updated.

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