'The best (and worst) beauty trends I tried in 2023.'

As Mamamia's beauty editor and one of the co-hosts of You Beauty podcast, I've come across more than a few dodgy beauty trends in my time (see: the infamous foundation-in-water hack) — and this year certainly didn't disappoint.As you're probably aware, there's an awful lot of BS out there — including some pretty shady trends that are not only very silly, but downright dangerous (ahem, tanning nasal sprays).

In saying that, there are some beauty hacks out there that are genuinely really great. The kind of golden nuggets I've discovered that've worked their way into my makeup routine and make it easier, quicker — and the results, dare I say, even better.

Watch: Oh, what's this? Little ol' me putting the lube hack to the test? Go on then. Check out my thoughts below.

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So, you know what I thought I'd do? Pull together a pervy little list of some of the top beauty trends I've tried this year — in case you wanna give 'em a whirl for yourself. Here's the best beauty trends I tried in 2023 — along with the ones that didn't go... great.

The best beauty trends of 2023.

1. AHA nail hack.

Image: Before and after trying the nail trend.


Okay but this nail trend SLAPPED. Despite pulling it back on SNS, shellac (I always pick it off and annihilate my nails), my nails were in still a shabby old shape at the beginning of this year.

Then I came across this nail hack on TikTok, posted by popular dermatologist Dr Dray (you need to follow her, immediately), who shared her easy trick for better nails. And it involves one ingredient that's already in your skincare cabinet: Alpha hydroxy acid.

As per Dr Dray's instructions, I applied a lactic acid serum (I used Sunday Riley Good Genes — but you can use anything with AHA) on my nails with a cotton pad morning and evening, and followed with CeraVe Overnight Moisturising Cream for a boost of nourishment.


The result? My nails look overall healthier — everything was smoother and less ragged, including my cuticles. Can confirm: I now use this hack all the time and it fixes my peeling nails instantly

2. Deconstructed eyeliner.

My You Beauty co-host Leigh Campbell and I trialling the 'deconstructed eyeliner' look this year!

The 'deconstructed eyeliner' look is one of those trends I now wear on the regular and is all the proof that there's some that they're not all bad. The viral makeup look was trending on runways and red carpets this year, and while it's miles away from my usual cat-eye flicks, I was keen to give it a whirl. It sounds kinda fancy, but it's like a cross between a smokey eye and eyeliner and people rate it for being easy, but looking really cool. 


Using an eyeliner pencil (kohl liner works best because it's more blendable), shut your eye and draw across your bottom and top lash line. Sounds terrifying, but it’s okay to look messy — that's the point. Next, you're going to take a pencil brush and start to smoke out the inner corner and outer corner of your eye, joining them together in the middle.

With the outer corner of your eye, you can either just blend it out across your eyes for a smokey look or blend it up towards the end of your brow tail for a soft cat eye, to give it some lift. If you want to clean up any lines, you can use micellar water and a cotton tip to tidy things up. 

Honestly, it's now become my 'going out'/night eye look. It just makes my eyes 'pop' and I find it is the easiest way to level up my (usually pretty boring) makeup look.

3. Sofia Richie's sleek bun.

Me! With a slicked-back bun! On my wedding day!


Okay, I just wanna preface this by specifying that I don't use Sofia Richie's entire controversial slicked-back method. Instead of tying my hair up wet (as hairdressers have shared is very bad for your hair), I dry it first and then follow her routine of parting it into three sections — two at the front of the hairline and a section at the back.

After applying frizz product, I tie the back section into a ponytail (like Richie does) and choose where I "want the bun to live", before sweeping the front two sections back and twisting them into a ballerina bun. (You can read my full routine, including products, here).

The slicked-back bun trend has to be one of my favourite beauty looks that came out of 2023 (I even wore it to my wedding), because it's honestly the easiest, chicest, no-fuss hairstyle getting around. Thanks, Sofia!

4. Slugging. How to slug like a derm 🧴 🤍 #dermatologist #dermatologydoctor #skincareroutine #skintok #skincare #skincaretips #learnontiktok #slugging #sluggingmethod #foryou #fyp #fypシ ♬ the one that got away - el

On the skincare front, 'slugging' is a beauty trend was literally made for my face. And it's done wonders for my skin. While it's not something skin experts would recommend for all skin types (particularly if you've got oily skin or acne-prone skin) and certainly not something I would do every night, my skin has certainly benefitted from me introducing this viral trend into my routine.


If you haven't heard of slugging, it involves going to bed like a glazed donut. The purpose of it is to seal your skin with an occlusive product (like Vaseline) and seal everything in to prevent water loss and keep your skin hydrated and skin barrier happy.

Now, as someone who tries a lot of products and regularly upsets their skin, I've enjoyed using this technique to help keep my skin hydrated smooth and soft.

The worst trends of 2023.

I can't write this article without giving a few honourable mentions to some of the worst trends I've tried this year. And topping the list would have to be the 'ski mask blush hack' that made me look like I'd been scorched by the fiery pits of hell. 

Then there was the viral Meredith Duxbury foundation trend that involves applying 10 pumps of foundation to your face — and, mercy. It was so thick. So patchy. Felt so unbelievably gross on the skin. Not to mention it was messy as hell and super wasteful.

And, look — I can't possibly leave without also mentioning the viral 'instant facelift' trend that definitely worked, but definitely also pulled half my hair out and gave me a banging headache. Absolutely never again. But hey, that's what I'm here for.

Would you give these hacks a go? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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