CULT BUY: The $8.99 product that tamed my frizzy hair in minutes, without a straightener.


I’d like to start off by offering you my condolences. Condolences, because if you have eternally frizzy hair like mine, you’ll know you’re never safe.

In summer, humidity and sweat have you arriving to work looking like you spent your commute sitting in a sauna. You might as well have if you take public transport in peak hour, no?

Then winter comes but provides no relief. Bitter winds and sporadic downpours ruin any chances of walking into work frizz free.

Autumn and spring are less crap, but still fairly crap for reasons I can’t quite recall right now, but let’s go with it.

As the owner of hair that’s naturally ‘wavy’ and fine (but I have a lot of it, so a hairdresser told me), I’m a slave to the elements. Hence, my bathroom is full of half-used bottles of hair serums, de-humidifiers, pre-heat styling oils and anti-frizz concoctions.

This week’s weather has been particularly horrendous, so I decided to try a new product in the hope it could make a dent in my frizz.

Frizz, meet Kerasilk. Image: Supplied.

It's called Goldwell Kerasilk Silk Fluid and I was genuinely surprised by how good it is.

The $8.99 keratin serum is just one of Goldwell's prestige haircare products that are globally loved by hairdressers and used in salons.

It also promises to smooth and transform unmanageable and damaged hair without weighing it down. And that, it did in just a few minutes AND without a straightener, mind you.

Exhibit A: Me, in the office bathroom post-commute with a lot of frizzy flyaways, especially around my roots. Hence, the sad expression.

Oh... oh dear.
That's not good at all. Images: Supplied.

This is how I look most mornings when I rock up to the office. Honestly, I don't even bother styling my hair at home anymore, it's discouraging.

Normally, I whip out my straightener and go over my hair before the morning meeting, but I found a few pumps of the Kerasilk Silk Fluid pretty much does the same thing, without the heat damage that is probably part of the reason I have so many flyaways.

The product's formula is more of a cream or gel than an oil, which means you don't have to be too concerned about how close to the roots you distribute it. For my medium to long hair, I used two generous pumps and ran the product on my dry hair from just above my ears right through to my ends. I then patted a tiny bit extra on my roots where I'm the frizziest.

Initially, the finish looked a bit... greasy. This was very concerning. But after five minutes or so, the product absorbed, leaving me with noticeably smoother, shinier hair. See Exhibit B below.

I used this much.
THAT'S MORE LIKE IT. Images: Supplied.

Of course, there's still a few frizzies in the after shots. Only a fresh blowdry or a straightener would calm those. But considering just how frizzy I was to start with, I was seriously impressed with the result. Bonus points for the shiny, vibrant finish.

A dry-haired colleague gave it a go and was also pretty happy with the result - she applied it on her ends and was impressed with how quickly the product absorbed.

A word of warning - if you're prone to greasy roots, avoid applying the fluid too close to your roots, focus on the ends instead. Alternatively, apply to damp hair before air drying or blow drying to give the product more time to absorb.

In short, I'll be keeping this handy bottle of Kerasilk Silk Fluid in my desk drawers for future morning touch ups.

Oh, and did we talk about the bit where you'll get change from a $10 note? That's kind of brilliant too.

You can find the Kerasilk Silk Fluid ($8.99) along with a bunch of other beauty bargains on Mamamia Shopping.

Have you had much luck with anti-frizz products? How do you tame your frizz?