6 of the biggest skincare trends to expect in 2022, according to experts.

2021 was a TIME for our skin. Goodness, it was. Since most of us were stuck indoors, we had more time to try new products. Slap on a mask a day. Burn our acid mantles off. 

It was fun! Different! Nice for a change!

But with things slowly going back to normal, salons re-opening and most of us finding our feet back in the office, a shift is taking place - just in time for the new year. And it's giving way to a whole heap of exciting new trends for 2022.

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Curious what to expect? 

Below, we've asked three dermatologist to tell us their skincare trend predictions for 2022. Here's what they said.

1. Minimal makeup.

If there's one skin concern that would describe the last year, it would be maskne. It's haunted all of us in one way or another - whether it be breakouts, redness or irritation. 

The result? Well, according to experts, 2021 will see us pull things back on the makeup front, ditching the heavy coverage and letting our skin breathe. Yep, 'skinimalism' is still trending.

Instead of covering things up, it's all about either going completely barefaced or opting for a wee swipe of something to just enhance that natural glow.


"After having to wear masks which cause all sorts of skin issues and wreak havoc with makeup, people are now prioritising healthy skin with less makeup," said Dr Cara McDonald from Complete Skin Essentials.

"Australians are embracing foundation-free skin and trying to get their skin in optimal condition to and keep it free from mask-related problems."

Less is more, people!

2. Skincare for your scalp.

In 2022, the haircare industry is taking inspo from the skincare industry, as a focus on scalp health becomes bigger than ever.

Dermatologist Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan said "I always tell my patients we have invested a lot in the health of our skin, wellness, and the anti-ageing of our skin and if you had thinning scalp hair or aged, brittle hair that also adds on extra years to your appearance and wellbeing."

Get ready to meet some new skincare-haircare hybrids, with brands launching shampoos, serums and masks made with ingredients you'd usually use on your face. Think hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and AHAs.

"We are already seeing this drive towards a healthy scalp, there are shampoos, conditioners, and serums available that can potentially anti-age your follicles, boost the wellbeing of your scalp health and potentially grow hair," said Dr Shyamalar.

"There is exciting research in this area - for example, certain ingredients that can increase your catalase activity. Catalase is a key enzyme that breaks down hydrogen peroxide and we know that if we have too much hydrogen peroxide in your hair follicle, it tends to grey as we get older, hence younger people have more catalase activity than older people."



3. Retinol analogues.

Have no idea what retinol analogues are? SAME. Dr Shyamalar explains it like this: "We are seeing the advent of bakuchiol which is a plant-based ingredient that seems to have the same beneficial effects of vitamin A, so a retinol or retinoid acid but without the retinoid side effects such as peeling and redness." 

Ahhh, gotcha! So, basically different alternatives to retinol - which is great news for all the poor dames out there with sensitive skin (*raises hand*).

"I think there will be more exciting things on the horizon. Molecules that will be analogues of the vitamin A receptor coming from algae. Algae seems to be a big player in terms of giving us access to compounds that could stimulate the retinol pathway or have high levels of vitamin C."

4. Ingestible beauty.

Yep - you can expect to see even more in the ingestible beauty space, friends. 

"We are all aware of using products from the outside, but what about from the inside out? Collagen supplements have consistently been shown to improve skin health, and have been shown to improve skin hydration, increase elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and reduce roughness, without significant side effects," said dermatologist Rebecca Saunderson from Drummoyne Dermatology.

Dr Shyamalar goes on to say that we're beginning to learn more and more about how our skin health and our skin wellbeing is not just based on topicals or medication.

Instead of focusing on skincare products only, many people will shift to introduce supplements in powder, tea, gummies, and capsules.

"We really are what we eat and what we ingest. I am a firm believer in gut health and the wellbeing of your gut microbiome mirroring then the microbiome of your skin," she adds.


"There is a big drive towards evidence showing collagen supplementation, turmeric, curcumin (which is turmeric), ashwagandha, reishi mushrooms, polyphenols, ECGC which is found in green tea, berberine - all of these plant based and natural occurring compounds can now be ingested from our overall wellbeing."

5. Customised bespoke skincare products. 

A popular trend that will explode in 2022 is personalised skincare. Whether it's answers online quizzes or having a consultation, more and more people will opt for formulations that are specifically catered for their personal skin needs.

"Mixing ingredients suitable for individuals allows us to cut down on the steps in your skincare routine and target individual concerns," shares Dr McDonald.

"More brands are introducing custom-made products mixed with the individual's needs and concerns in mind."

6. Skin microbiome. 

In 2022 you'll also see more products offering benefits for the skin's microbiome - that is, skincare infused with probiotics. 

"We are realising more and more how important it is to have the right bacteria on the skin to support our natural immunity and stay healthy," said Dr McDonald. 

"Additionally, the health of the gut microbiome can impact inflammation throughout the body and has been implicated in many skin conditions such as acne and rosacea."

Have you tried any of the above trends yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Getty; Mamamia.

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