'Sofia Richie just shared her sleek bun tutorial. As a hairdresser, I'm mortified.'

Sofia Richie Grainge. She's the Internet's 'unproblematic nepo baby'. The unpredictable new icon we can't get enough of. And she's having a serious moment — she's everywhere right now. 

In the space of a year, she's gone from 'Scott Disick's young girlfriend' to a married 'It Girl' who dresses exclusively in Chanel — and we are HERE for it.

The 24-year-old model (her dad is Lionel Richie and her sister is Nicole Richie), who has worked with major fashion brands is also the beauty director of makeup brand Nudestix.

And we're literally FROTHING over everything she does, from her style to her sleek, minimalistic beauty looks.

Specifically, her signature slicked-back hair.

She's become the poster girl for clean, polished-looking hairstyles.

It's sleek. Chic. No-fuss.  

Take a look at any of Richie's TikTok's and you'll scroll through hundreds upon hundreds of hair tutorial requests from her followers.

And guess what? She finally answered our prayers.

In a recent TikTok clip, she said, "Alright guys. I just got out of the shower and I figured what a perfect opportunity to finally teach/show you guys how I do my sleek bun."

"First I'm going to start off by saying I really love you guys for thinking this is my chic hairstyle," she shared. "This is actually my lazy girl hairstyle. I do it all the time because I'm very lazy with my hair." 


Richie went on to say that over the years of doing this style, she's perfected a "really easy technique".

And yes, please do go on... 

She said, "To start we have wet hair. I'm just gonna throw in some Unite Detangling Spray."

Richie then uses a boar bristle brush and a comb to create a "strong middle part" in the centre of her hair.

She said: "I can pretty much do this hairstyle with any product. It really doesn't matter what products you have, but for me I need an oil and Oribe Lotion... but most importantly, a regenerating mask."

(Psst... it looks like she uses Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil).

Like many of us, Richie shared that she started to up her haircare routine during COVID, detailing how it helped repair and lengthen her damaged hair from "all the bleaching and all the dyeing."

One of her go-to products? Hair masks. In fact, instead of using a hair gel to slick her hair back, the model started using a hair mask to treat her hair, while holding it all in place. 

"I'm convinced it's the only reason my hair grew lusciously over COVID," she said. 

After lathering her hair with a mask, Richie takes a comb and separates her hair in sections, parting her hair from behind her ear. "This is the moment where you decide where you want your bun to live," she told her followers.


Using Oribe Matte Waves Texture Lotion, she applies the product to the back section of her hair, before brushing it into a ponytail and securing it with a hair tie.

She then takes the two sections of hair on the front of her hairline and sweeps them both back, securing them with another hair tie.

"This is the most satisfying part. I'm going to brush this against my head as tight as I can," she said.

She then twists her ponytail into a ballerina bun, securing it with another hair tie, "brushing out any little imperfections."

"Honestly because it started wet, it is so secured to your head. It is truly like a helmet without being sticky and hard — hate that," she shared.

Her final touch? Hair oil.

"I just graze that all around my head for that extra sleek shine. I think this honestly makes a difference."

Anyway, it sounds like a long process but it's actually relatively simple once you have the steps down pat.

Check it out below:


Sleek lazy girl bun 🫶🏼

♬ original sound - Sofia Richie Grainge

Cute, right?!

Enter: Professional hairstylist and content creator, Taylor — aka @madeandtaylored


She posted a video in reaction to Sofia's tutorial, sharing her thoughts on the process. And you're going to want to read this before you try Sofia's version of the slicked bun.

She captioned the post: "THE PANIC 🫠🫠 begging tiktok [sic] to do its thing & save the girlies from the crisis of this hairstyle 🙈 @Sofia Richie Grainge ILY (and your hair) and dont want you dealing with this headache!!"

And let us just put our boar bristle brush down for a minute because WHAT.

"Don't get me wrong — I am team Sofia Richie — she is the queen but you will regret this trend."

"Tying your hair up when it is wet is quite possibly the worst sin that you can do to your hair. No one's hair is safe from breakage, including Sofia Richie's when it is put up when it is wet."

"It's going to happen over a couple of months, and then when you see it, it's too late," she said. "I'm a licensed hairstylist and I no doubt know the science behind hair."

"Think of your hair like a rubber band — it literally stretches out when it's wet. Which means that when it dries, it shrinks."

"The whole problem with this trend is that if your hair is in a tight bun when it's wet, it's going to end up drying. It's going to try to shrink and then it's not going to be able to do it, which means that it's going to snap."


OH. Oh no.

"This is a client of mine and this is real-life proof of what happens to your hair when you wear it up when it's wet. You can literally see the line where her hair begins to break — and this is the exact height of where she used to put her bun."

Image: TikTok/@madeandtaylored


We... we just... *takes hair out*.

"It does not matter that you are putting a hair mask into your wet hair before you're doing this, because your hair is still wet, so it's going to dry no matter what," continued Taylor.

"The hairstyling in the tutorial is spot on and so cute but please start it with dry hair. Don't do it on wet hair," warned Taylor. 

"I promise you that the damage that will happen to your hair  — if you do this on wet hair — is absolutely going to drive you insane. It's so hard to come back from. And I can only hope that the 3.6 million people that watch that tutorial know this — because we're about to have an absolute hair crisis!"

The lesson here? "Be nice to your hair and your hair will be nice to you."

"I'm politely asking Sofia to do another tutorial of this hairstyle on dry hair because you got to do it for the girlies — we've got to look out for each other."

Sofia, girl — give us another tutorial?

Are you a fan of the slicked back bun? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: TikTok:@sofiarichiegrainge/@madeandtaylored. 

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