Never Forgotten: Mamamia’s Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week.

When you've lost a baby, the path you must travel can be brutally lonely. There's no shortcut. No Bandaid. No silver lining. But by hearing from others who have walked that same path, the blackness can be illuminated just a little. We've been there. We know how you feel. We can't change what's happened and we can't bring back your baby, but we can help light your way through the dark. - Mia Freedman. 

Some things must be experienced to be understood, which is why the connection between those who have lost babies is so visceral and important.

Mamamia's publisher and co-founder Mia Freedman lost her unborn daughter halfway through her second pregnancy in 1999. The Internet hadn't yet gone mainstream, so she was unable to seek solace through reaching out to other women who had experienced the same thing.

Since Mamamia's humble beginnings on Mia's couch in 2007, our website has proudly shared the stories of hundreds and hundreds of women and men who have lost their babies during pregnancy or in childbirth.

Through our annual Never Forgotten: Mamamia's Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week, we want to offer hope to those who are hearing those torturous words, "I'm sorry, but there's no heartbeat" for the first time. And to those who are still grieving after years or decades. Because we understand there's no such thing as closure when you've lost someone you never got to know.

You can download Never Forgotten: Stories of love, loss and healing after miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death for free here.

Join Mia, Rebecca and others who have lost a child in our private Facebook group.

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