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The Mamamia Women's Network launches Never Forgotten: Mamamia's Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week.

Today the Mamamia Women’s Network has launched Never Forgotten: Mamamia’s Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week, which will run from August 15th to 21st.

As part of the initiative, the Mamamia Women’s Network has made the eBook Never Forgotten: Stories of love, loss and healing after miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death – which was written by Mia Freedman and Rebecca Sparrow (and edited by Paula Ellery) in 2014 – freely available to help women, men and their family members navigate these difficult times.

The week - the first of its kind from Mamamia - also involves the publication of posts, podcasts and videos across the Mamamia website and the Mamamia Podcast Network. In order to provide its readers with a safe space to share their stories and to take comfort in the words of others, Mamamia has also launched a closed Facebook group.

Since Mamamia was first launched in 2007, our website has shared the stories of hundreds of women and men who have lost their babies during pregnancy or in childbirth.

Mamamia's co-founder and creative director, Mia Freedman, said the idea behind the week came about 15 years ago, when she lost her baby halfway through her pregnancy.

“We’ve been planning this week for a long time. Mamamia was founded on the idea of community and support and there is no time in a woman’s life when she needs the support of other women who have been through a similar experience as when you lose a child during pregnancy or soon after," Freedman said.

"I know this from experience. I lost my baby before there were sites like Mamamia and I found it an excruciatingly isolating experience. We are passionate about creating a safe space for women to come and cry and laugh and share and vent and support each other. Hearing and reading about other women’s experiences is a crucial part of that and this week we will be publishing all sorts of content across all our platforms to help women who have experienced this very specific type of loss."

For more information about the week, to download Never Forgotten or to join our closed Facebook community, you can visit our hub page.