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melbgal May 18, 2024

@keen teacher I’m not sure writing to them will work. Most of these companies are run by men and or women in straight sizes! The answer someone was given I think from cotton on was it took up too much of their floor space. Have you seen the size of a cotton on store? They are usually huge! 

melbgal May 18, 2024

I totally agree and have been in this situation, then you have a brand like FAte spelled incorrectly deliberately come out sparking that they are  size 6 to 24 with shops in some states. Which is good but mainly online. They are quite new it’s a given. You see plus size content creators go in and none of them fit into the sizes they normally fit into. They are for Instance a size 20 in most other labels but in this brand the jeans they are 24 and tops 22 and another 18.

I’m afraid the measurements don’t work. It’s also frustrating when you can’t try on!

melbgal March 18, 2024

Erin I love these but come on to be sure it’s “I’ll light a candle for you” not I’ll PUT a candle for you.  X

melbgal November 12, 2023

I’m Gen x and wear no show socks! I’d go braless if I didn’t scare people. Bags depend on what I’m doing.

As a makeup artist eyeliner should be worn to suit the eye. I wish there was a global ban on waterline eyeliner it makes eyes look small and anyone who still wears bright blue eyeliner please return it to the 80s where it belongs 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

melbgal September 27, 2023

First of all as the writer said there are 3 sides to every story, the parents, the kids and the truth!  His first divorce would have seen their bio mum with money from a settlement from their dad. This marriage the father should have yes paid for uni fees but also kicked their spoiled butts and stopped them from being so rude. The wife need not have given anyone anything thing. She is the next of kin to inherit everything. Then her Will should leave it divided between her kids and his. If she’s nasty just hers.  She could give a nominal amount to his kids and the single lady then write in her Will that in future that’s it for them!!

melbgal July 19, 2023

I totally agree we need something a bit more modern than what we had in the past but I don’t think we need a book that instructs children (and the original age was from 8 up) how to perform oral sex, hand jobs, scissoring etc). Maybe that could be a part 2?? The price of the book I saw from a social media post was $5 making it quite affordable to some adolescents without parental consent. 

melbgal May 1, 2023

Good luck with your search. I have never heard of a bride inflicking colour schemes on guests. That’s really going over the top for the perfect wedding shot. Leave to bridesmaids.  I’d be steering clear of Katie parrots line if she is not stocking all sizes. Being a plus size woman herself I would thing she would understand and support her fellow plus size women by doing so. If you need to special order or make then go elsewhere.  There are lots of sale dresses coming up online with the online stores at the moment I’m sure you will find something!!

melbgal April 18, 2023

One of your best articles Mia probably because I can relate to it. Unexplained infertility resulting in a beautiful only child who is the light of our eyes.  I hated hearing about people falling pregnant so easily and now when I see those ultrasound posts I only ever think of those who are crying behind the congratulatory smiles and posts, and worse still thr over the top gender reveal parties going so far.  I’ve seen exhaust fumes either pink or blue next it will be hot air balloons 🎈 

melbgal April 14, 2023

Come on guys when writing an article about best buys under $40 personally I’d appreciate if you’d tried them not taken what was said in beauty world like Elf.  We love that you are able to test stuff. Leave out if you haven’t 

melbgal April 11, 2023

@Loretta St. John  Loretta I have a 16 year old only child and I’ve been sobbing reading Mia’s article and this comment and thread.  There will be a strict interview process for prospective wives in my house. My hubbie adored his mum and just hope when my son meets the woman of his dreams they move into the granny flat I build for them lol 😂 haha

melbgal February 18, 2023

In some instances I’m for the dupe and I’ve been known to make a sneaky dupe myself by mixing a couple of lipsticks and blushes to get that near perfect copycat shade.  But it does get frustrating when some brands pump all their money into copying the big brands colour wise and packaging. Grow a pair and start making some things from scratch just like MS CT has! Put it in a different pot or something don’t be so blatant.  I don’t personally buy the original or the dupe in the article but I have a lot of other high end brands and cheaper brands in my kit and home use. I buy what works and what I like! 

melbgal December 14, 2022

My son goes to a boys school that doesn’t allow mullets or number 1s all over, long hair must be tied up and no earrings for boys either. It’s teaching them discipline same as what you will probably get at work. You work for an electrician you can’t wear jewellery for safety reasons but still some apprentices try to push boundaries. They get into trouble.  You send your kids to the school knowing what uniform policy is, and they think school won’t follow through!!