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sharma llama ding dong May 19, 2022

I’m currently battling my employer to give some flexibility, because I’m sorry but wfh is so much more manageable then a 1hr commute, then battling tired kids to eat/ bath/ sleep after all have had incredibly long days. These articles are unhelpful having out there when employers want workers to go back to prepandemic times and workers want the work/ life balance wfh afforded us. 

sharma llama ding dong April 9, 2022

Great. So majority are not changing who they are voting for. Coalition won last election so we get more of Morrisons smirk and complete disregard for women. What’s wrong with people, how many corruption scandals need to happen before we get rid of the baffoon 

sharma llama ding dong January 18, 2022

Your sister in law is right. Of course someone who didn’t help with the house/ kids/ life moves on fast, he needs someone to do it for him. It hurts now but trust me once you finish grieving the freedom is incredible! And there isn’t just dodgy men on dating sites- avoid the free ones and you’ll meet someone lovely 

sharma llama ding dong January 4, 2022

If I didn’t know my kids but knew how hard it was I’m not sure I would have chosen to be a parent… taboo I know. I love them but it’s relentless, lonely and boring … they are little and I love them with all my heart and soul but I miss my old life

sharma llama ding dong December 5, 2021

This is gross. There are kids from disadvantaged homes who think they are bad because Santa didn’t bring them a gift and these privileged arseholes complain about a $1000+ advent calendar being a rip off. I’m just disgusted. People are the worst

sharma llama ding dong October 23, 2021

Oh god, my mum told me to quickly get a boyfriend in high school as if I waited all the good ones would be taken and I’d marry a dud…. Well I did marry a dud, and ironically so did she… both divorced now and I never listen to her advice ha!

sharma llama ding dong October 12, 2021

I get it. I felt the same with my first. Then when he is snuggled in your arms you couldn’t imagine anything else. When I was pregnant with my second I crossed everything for another boy, they are wonderful sweet simple little muffins and I only want to be a boy mum now :)

sharma llama ding dong September 7, 2021

Does the Le Roche sunscreen have the sunscreen smell??

sharma llama ding dong August 27, 2021

I needed this today. My preppy has had multiple tantrums and tears the last few days. So unlike him. Although I definitely don’t pack his day with school work (I’m working too) I have been pressuring him to do the never ending stream of tasks. I felt like I was failing him today. I had meetings, I couldn’t teach him, he was upset. I’m just going to hold him more

findingnemo July 5, 2021

My cousin is a QANON fanatic and huge ant-vaxer… I report every single post he makes on Facebook  

findingnemo June 30, 2021

This describes my ex husband and ex MIL exactly, my family could never understand why I would get serious anxiety (my panic attacks were so bad I would occasionally faint) when his parents would visit… until my sister witnessed one of my ex MIL tantrums. I’m so glad I’m away from that family 

findingnemo April 6, 2021

I’m going to comment with my opinion just based on this article as I cannot stand this show.... can we have this taken off the air! Just like we don’t want people watching toxic porn why show toxic relationships. It’s on at 7:30, family time slot, what sort of example of relationships is this giving to kids/teens/ young adults. It’s abhorrent  

findingnemo February 6, 2021

I come from the other side of this. I have been estranged from my father for over a decade, and if you were to ask him what he did he would be flabbergasted as well. That’s the usual response of a narcissist, they are perfect. Not that I am suggesting the author is but it’s never for no reason. My father was physically and emotionally abusive to my family growing up, he was so evil my brother and I both made attempts on our lives as teenagers. Do I regret cutting him off. Never.