Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The lie Jessika told Mick that wasn’t shown on Married at First Sight last night.

In a very confusing twist that left the MAFS-watching world convinced the experts actually enjoy watching relationships burst into flames, Jessika and Mick have been forced to spend another week together in hell their toxic pairing and we really don’t see this ending well but OK.

It all comes after Mick called every single person Jessika holds dear a c**t, leading her to cheat on him with another woman’s husband, Dan. Oh, and they haven’t spoken for days.

Yeah, not the basis for the most healthy relationship, if you ask us.

But not only is Jessika lying to Mick about her infidelity, she lied to him about her choice on whether she was planning to stay in the competition or leave, totally blindsiding him in front of the experts. Shady.

She also lied to John Aiken and we’re pretty sure that’s a jailable offence.

“We had a talk at the airport (while returning from the homestays) and she told me she was gonna write ‘leave’. What a surprise. Another lie,” Mick told 9Honey.

“We didn’t talk at all after she made that decision,” Mick said of the time following last night’s commitment ceremony. “At that stage I was in a separate room as per my request to get away from old mate. From the dinner party onward I tried to avoid her like the plague.”


(But we kinda can’t get past him referring to her as old mate).

He’s not the only contestant who’s being held captive in a volatile relationship. Susie, who seems blatantly disgusted by her television husband Billy, also chose to stay.


We can’t help but wonder whether the extra Instagram followers are really worth completely breaking two men, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

2. “Pray for me. Been struggling a lot.” Justin Bieber’s emotional message to fans.

Justin Bieber has shared a candid Instagram post to fans touching on his mental health struggles and urging people to “pray for him”.

The singer, who married Hailey Baldwin last year, has reportedly sought medical treatment for depression recently, and today, revealed that he’s been feeling “super disconnected and weird”

“Just wanted to keep you guys updated a little bit hopefully what I’m going through will resonate with you guys. Been struggling a lot. Just feeling super disconnected and weird,” wrote the 25-year-old.

“I always bounce back so I’m not worried just wanted to reach out and ask for your guys to pray for me. God is faithful and your prayers really work thanks… the most human season I’ve ever been in facing my stuff head on..”


The post has received a flood of supportive comments, including the star’s friends Diplo and Kim Kardashian.

“Sending good energy,” Diplo wrote, while Kim Kardashian added a star emoji.

In Feburary, when it was first reported Bieber was receiving treatment for depression, a source told People he wanted “to be the best possible husband for Hailey”.

“It’s one thing to have your issues when you’re single, but when you’re married, there’s two people’s happiness at stake. He’s working on himself so that he can be a good partner to her.”

3. Lea Michele has shared her first photo of her wedding to Zandy Reich.

Glee star Lea Michele has shared her first photo of her wedding to her partner Zandy Reich.

“We are so excited to be married and grateful to be surrounded by our friends and family,” the couple told People.


“And most of all, we’re so happy to spend the rest of our lives together.”


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The couple, who have been together for two years, married over the weekend in California after announcing their engagement back in April 2018.


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Yes ????

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Their wedding ceremony was reportedly officiated by Glee creator Ryan Murphy and attended by celebrities including Darren Criss, Becca Tobin and Emma Roberts.

4. Apparently MAFS’ Tamara and Dino have been spotted together and we can’t keep up.


It seems there’s been yet another Married at First Sight wife swap.

Seriously guys, we can’t keep up.

According to Woman’s Day magazine, former contestant Dino and intruder Tamara have been spotted hanging out together.

Tamara was married to Dan on the reality show. Image: Nine.

"They couldn't stop giggling and seemed beyond smitten," a source reportedly told the outlet.

"Tamara kept rubbing Dino's arm and hugging him," they added.

"They seemed very paranoid about getting spotted – they were constantly looking around and trying to find a table in a dark corner."


It's believed Dino and Tamara may have known each other before they went on the show.


Either way, the spoilers just keep on coming...

5. There is simply no way the Melania Trump who stepped out yesterday is the real Melania Trump.

Donald Trump’s presidency has led to many conspiracy theories.

Among them is the conspiracy, created by Trump himself, that the Obama administration spied on him during the 2016 election. Oh, and there’s the totally bizarre ‘Barron Trump time-travel theory’ (yes, really).

But there is only one conspiracy that really matters, and that is that Melania Trump is sometimes not actually Melania Trump, but a body double.

It… sounds ridiculous.

Until you realise it’s not.


Last week, the #FakeMelania debate waswell and true reignited when the Trumps paid their respects to the 23 people tragically killed in deadly tornadoes in Alabama.


Her height, her much more square jaw, the fact that she held her husband’s hand despite previously avoiding all physical contact… well, it all seems a little off to be the real Melania.

 You can read the full story right here.


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