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It turns out Married at First Sight isn't actually Dino's first reality TV show.

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Married at First Sight is finally back on our screens and it’s already serving up so much drama.

In just the first two episodes, we’ve seen four couples marry, the worst best man speech in history and an overprotective brother-in-law.

But there’s one other aspect that’s got people talking.

If you watched Melissa and Dino wed last night, then you’ve no doubt wondered to yourself: “Where do I know him from?”

But we’ve finally found the answer.

It turns out MAFS isn’t Dino’s first reality TV appearance.

Just last year, the 35-year-old appeared on reality dating show First Dates.

Appearing on the show following a broken engagement, the meditation coach was ridiculed by some viewers for “trying too hard” when he arrived at the blind date with his Mr Australasia pageant trophy in hand.

Speaking to his blind date Kahla, Dino shared his views on ‘gratitude salt’ and even awkwardly asked his date to dance in a silent restaurant.

To make matters even worse, Dino then proceeded to ask his date if she “liked cuddling”. Pls no.

First Dates isn’t Dino’s only on-screen appearance.

Yahoo Lifestyle has also uncovered one of the reality star’s strange side projects – an appearance in a razor brand commercial.

dino married at first sight
Umm... Image: YouTube.

The advertisement, which was filmed for a university assignment, shows Dino taking on the character of a caveman who soon discovers the power of a pack of razors.

After navigating through the jungle, the very hairy Dino covers himself in shaving cream before shaving off his long beard and hair.

The 35-year-old has also appeared in a photoshoot for prescription glasses company, Speqs.

Weirdly enough, Dino actually appeared in the commercial alongside fellow MAFS contestant Jessika Power.

Dino shared a photo of the pair on Instagram back in November 2017.

We're sure this is bound to make the first group dinner party a whole lot more interesting.

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