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Married at First Sight's Jessika and Mick are making some very confronting sex claims about each other.

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You know when you’re out for dinner with couple friends and one couple starts fighting?

It’s awkward and you feel as if you should step away and leave them to argue, but you really just want to stay put and hear all the goss?

That’s what it feels like we’re living right now as we watch the ugly demise of Jessika Power and Mick Gould’s relationship.

The Married At First Sight couple have each this week made damning claims about each other and we… can’t… look… away.

First Jessika appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show on Thursday morning to spill the tea on their almost entirely sexless on-screen marriage.

Viewers will remember how hurt Jessika was when Mick bragged about them having sex after their “wedding” with the other MAFS grooms. Well, the 26-year-old said after that, they didn’t have sex at all.

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“We’d slept together once and I wouldn’t sleep with him again after he had broken my trust,” Jessika told the KIIS FM radio hosts.

She said that one time wasn’t particuarly memorable.

“I looked at him afterwards and I was like, ‘How was that for you because that was not good for me’. He was just like, ‘Are you serious?'”


Jess also claimed that Mick threatened to go to a brothel because they weren’t having sex.

“He said to me that he was ‘as toey as a Roman sandal’ and he was ‘that close to going to a brothel’,” the Perth part-time model claimed.

However, Mick later spoke to the Daily Mail, offering up his side of the story and claiming that Jessika actually said she had been looking up male escorts.

The 31-year-old told the publication that the couple were at his friend’s house when they were asked if they’d been “intimate”.


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“I said, ‘No we haven’t, I’ve been as toey as a Roman sandal and I’ve been considering going to a knocking shop.'”

For those who don’t speak Mick, that’s a brothel.

“Then she [Jessika] said she’d actually been searching for male escorts!”

Mick then said that Jess was just trying to make him look bad – and well, yes, that’s obvious.

“She’s just trying to make me look like a w**ker to justify her cheating.”

Which would probably be a good tactic.

Jessika has been the centre of a fair bit of controversy after first going after Cyrell’s partner Nic before starting an affair with Tamara’s husband Dan.

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