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The Instagram clue that gives away the final two, plus all the other MasterChef Australia 2020 spoilers.

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Warning: This post contains up-to-date potential spoilers for the 2020 MasterChef series. If you are a pure MasterChef fan and would be crushed by said spoilers, please kindly click away. 

With many of our favourite reality TV shows on hold because of coronavirus, MasterChef is just about the best thing on free-to-air TV right now.

The 2020 MasterChef Australia season has it all: three shiny, likeable new judges, all our favourite contestants from previous seasons and, of course, delicious food we’ll never be able to master at home.

Side note, here’s what celebrities are getting up to in isolation. Post continues after video.

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Sadly, it turns out reality TV spoilers are even more commonplace during a pandemic. Might have something to do with how we’ve lost all concept of time, or maybe the contestants are just really bored at home like the rest of us.

Keep scrolling for all the MasterChef spoilers currently circulating. We’ll keep updating this post as new spoilers come out and ruin our lives.

P.S. This is your last chance to tap out if you’d prefer to keep the wholesome food dream alive a little longer.

So, it looks like we know who will make it to the MasterChef finale.

It appears filming for MasterChef: Back to Win has finally finished after starting production in January.

And on Sunday, two contestants posted about returning to their home cities – for those playing along, this would indicate they were filming the show right up until the final few episodes.

Pasta queen Laura Sharrad shared an Instagram story celebrating being reunited with her husband in Adelaide, while Reynold Poernomo posted photos from Sydney where he’s reuniting with loved ones.

masterchef laura
Laura and her partner in Adelaide. Image: Instagram.
And Reynold in Sydney! Image: Instagram.

From piecing together a bit of an Instagram activity puzzle, it looks like Reynold and Laura make the final four with fellow contestants Emelia Jackson and Poh Ling Yeow.

The (other) Instagram posts that reveal the final six contestants

As for who makes the final six, we have Insta spoilers for that, too.

According to the Daily Mail, Poh Ling Yeow, Reynold Poernomo, Brendan Pang, Reece Hignell, Laura Sharrad and Emelia Jackson all shared photos of themselves self-isolating in Melbourne at the end of April. Considering eliminated contestants are sent home due to COVID-19 restrictions, the fact that these six contestants were still together in Melbourne suggests they make it far in the competition.

On April 24, Reynold, Laura and Emelia shared photos to Instagram of the same outdoor barbecue from different angles.

That same night, Brendan posted about a meal he shared with Reece in his Melbourne hotel room. If Brendan had left the competition, he would have been back in Perth and Reece would have returned to Newcastle.

Image: Instagram @brendan_pang

A day later, on April 25, Laura shared a photo of Poh making her a flan cake inside her room. Emelia then uploaded a photo of herself eating the same cake. Besides proving that Poh is a great chef (a fact we obviously already know), it suggests the three women were isolating together in Melbourne.

Image: Instagram @laurasharrad/@emelia_jackson

Very interesting...

Bookmakers have all but declared the MasterChef 2020 winner.

For a couple of weeks now, all lead bookmakers have one name certain to win MasterChef: Back To Win.

And it's no surprise that his name is Reynold Poernomo.


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Come on, come on, come on!! @masterchefau #sugarblowing#applepie

A post shared by Reynold (@reynoldpoer) on


Sportsbet, Pointsbet and TAB all have pegged Reynold as the heavy favourite to take out the MasterChef title, with Reynold's odds so low compared to the other six contestants set to make it to the end (including fan-favourites Poh Ling Yeow and Laura Sharrad).

The bookmakers have had a near-perfect record of picking the winner in the past.

A tweet that suggests a fan favourite won't win.

Sarah Tiong is one of the front runners to win MasterChef 2020 after placing sixth in her first season back in 2017.

But a tweet from the Sydney-based lawyer and chef suggests she probably, maybe, won't end up taking out this year's MasterChef trophy.

On May 6, Tiong tweeted her followers looking for a TV producer hookup.

"Looking to have a chat with a producer/writer for TV, Netflix, Stan, etc. Can anyone help?" she wrote.


This could mean one of two things - a) Sarah wins and then plans to capitalise on her winnings with her own show or b) she doesn't win, but will give the people want they want and do her own show regardless.

Honestly, we'd be happy either way.

A video-call that suggests Brendan makes it far.


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A post shared by BRENDAN PANG (@brendan_pang) on

An Instagram post suggests Brendan Pang may also make it far in the competition. Daily Mail reports one of his friends living in Perth shared a screenshot from their video chat on Instagram.

Brendan video-called his friend from his hotel in Melbourne, where he has been staying since January while filming MasterChef.

Other contestants who are still on TV, but are soon to be eliminated.

Even though there are still a lot of contestants left on MasterChef, the fact some fan favourites have been posting on Instagram from lockdown locations that aren't in Melbourne suggests they don't make it to the end.

Such contestants include Simon Toohey and Jess Liemantara, who weren't in Melbourne when filming was still happening.

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Feature image: Instagram.

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