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The underdog predicted to win, plus all the other MasterChef Australia 2020 spoilers.

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Warning: This post contains up-to-date potential spoilers for the 2020 MasterChef series. If you are a pure MasterChef fan and would be crushed by said spoilers, please kindly click away. 

We're calling it: MasterChef is the best thing on free-to-air TV right now.

The 2020 MasterChef Australia season has it all: three shiny, likeable new judges, all our favourite contestants from previous seasons and, of course, delicious food we’ll never be able to master at home.

Side note, here’s what celebrities are getting up to in isolation. Post continues after video.

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Now that we're down to the final five - Reynold, Emilia, Laura, Reece and Callum - all we want to know is who will take out the MasterChef crown. 

So we've down some digging. Keep scrolling for all the MasterChef spoilers currently circulating. We’ll keep updating this post as new spoilers come out and ruin our lives.

P.S. This is your last chance to tap out if you’d prefer to keep the wholesome food dream alive a little longer.


Former MasterChef contestants have predicted the winner. 

Adam Liaw, who previously won MasterChef back in 2010, has shared his prediction for who will win the show. 

Last week, the 41-year-old celebrity chef told TV Tonight that he believes Callum Hann will be this season's winner. 

"He's a fabulous young guy and cook," he told the publication. 

It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch considering the 31-year-old has won MasterChef in the past. 

"Callum won the MasterChef: All Stars no-one ever talks about from 2012," said Adam.

The 2012 season of MasterChef: All Stars saw past contestants compete to raise money for charity. Callum beat out top competitors Justine Schofield, Julie Goodwin and Poh Ling Yeow to win. 


Eliminated contestant Sarah Tiong also thinks Callum has a shot at winning the title. 

"Knowing who the top nine is, whoever is in the grand finale it's going to be one of the most heated, epic, neck-and-neck battles. So far, I've got to say, Poh and Callum — keep an eye out for them, because those guys are scary talented cooks," she previously told Mamamia. 

With Poh eliminated from the competition last night, it seems Callum could be in for a good chance.

Tessa Boersma, who was previously eliminated from the show, has also weighed in on who she thinks will be left standing. 

But unlike Adam and Sarah, she's placing her bet on fan favourite Reynold Poernomo. 

"I think Reynold's gonna win. I think he's incredible. He absolutely deserves to win," Tessa told Popsugar.

"I just think he's got what it takes to take it out - his mentality, he's creative, he's like a workhorse. I just think he absolutely deserves it."


Khanh told Nowtolove that he believes it will be between Reynold, Emelia and Laura. 

"All three of them deserve to win and I would love to see any of them take the crown," he said. 

While no surprises that Brendan pegged his best friend from the competition, Reece, to win. 

"Reece without a doubt! I would love for him to win. I probably wouldn't hear the end of it but I still really want him to win," he told Nowtolove

Very interesting...

The bookies have all tipped one person to win. 

There are still five contestants left standing, but it looks like we already know who will take home the MasterChef title.

Both TAB and Sportsbet - who have had a near-perfect record of picking the winner in the past - have tipped Emelia Jackson as the winner. 


According to TAB, Emilia is the favourite to win with odds of $1.25, Reynold Poernomo is tipped for second place at $4.00 and Laura Sharrad is expected to come in third at $5. 

Sportsbet differs slightly with Emelia expected to win with odds of $1.37, Reynold is runner-up at $3.50 and Laura coming third at $4.75. 

The fact that they've both tipped Emelia to win suggests information may have been leaked. 

However, Channel 10 maintains the result is "held under extreme secrecy provisions", according to The Australian. 


In the past, Sportsbet and TAB both pegged Reynold as the one to take out the MasterChef title.

The Instagram posts that reveal the final three.

Filming for MasterChef: Back to Win finally finished at the end of May after starting production in January.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted two contestants posting about returning to their home cities – for those playing along, this would indicate they were filming the show right up until the final few episodes.

Pasta queen Laura Sharrad shared an Instagram story celebrating her reunion with her husband in Adelaide, while Reynold Poernomo posted photos from Sydney.

masterchef laura
Laura and her partner in Adelaide. Image: Instagram.
And Reynold in Sydney! Image: Instagram.

From piecing together a bit of an Instagram activity puzzle, it looks like Reynold and Laura make the final three with fellow contestant Emelia Jackson.

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Feature image: Instagram @laurasharrad/Ten.

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