These are the stories I wish we could write today on Mamamia.

PM creates a policy that benefits women, without having to ask his wife. 

Women of all sizes say they have absolutely no trouble finding clothes that fit at the local shopping centre.

Research shows family violence is at an all-time low, as men acknowledge how patriarchal structures perpetuate power and control.

Woman surprised by lack of judgement she receives as a first-time mum.

Two famous women appear to be getting along just fine, thanks.

Women decide there's no longer a need to organise marches to advocate for their basic human rights.

Child-free woman shares how she's never had her decision scrutinised. 

Gender quotas scrapped as 50/50 gender representation reached in the Senate and the House of Reps for 50th consecutive year.

Women watch Married at First Sight without observing any sexist behaviour.

Woman believed and supported after telling doctor about her pain. 

What do all these headlines have in common?

None of them are true. 

But they are all articles we wish we could write today on Mamamia.

To draw attention to the biases, stereotypes and discrimination against women that are still experienced in 2022, Mamamia is creating the world we wish we lived in via our website and social media accounts. 

This International Women's Day, at Mamamia, you’ll see the headlines we wish existed and the stories we wish we could write - from government policy for women that hasn’t had to be developed in consultation with (male) politicians’ wives, to the eradication of domestic violence, to reality TV that doesn't rely heavily on platforming sexist behaviour.


But we cannot write these stories. Because it is simply not what the world really looks like for women in 2022.

That's why when you click on any of these headlines, or visit our website and socials, you'll break this imagined gender-equal world we have created. Underneath it, a second story will be revealed, one that shows the reality of gender biases that still persist in 2022.

Because we still live in a world where we, on average, lose one woman a week to family violence, where new mums still face judgement for every decision they make, and where women whose bodies don't conform to a 'standard size' still can't find clothes at their local shopping centre.

This year's theme for International Women's Day is #BreakTheBias, and at Mamamia, we decided to flip the script by showing you what a bias-free world could look like on our website. 

We are not there yet. But by sharing the stories we wish we could write, we hope to shine the spotlight on the biases that still limits women in 2022, and hope that one day, we'll no longer have to imagine a gender-equal world because Mamamia will look like it does today.

At Mamamia, every day is International Women’s Day. We fund the education of 300 girls in school every single day with our charity partner Room to Read, and our goal is to increase that number to 1,000. To help support girls’ education in developing countries, you can donate to Room to Read and contribute to a brighter future.