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1. Sam Pang just shared Lindsay Lohan’s no-go zones for her appearance on HYBPA.

The Masked Singer hasn’t even started yet, but we already have all we need from it in the form of the glorious Lindsay Lohan tea spillages.

(Which we’d really like some more of if you’re listening, Hughesy).

Lindsay, who is on the judging panel on Ten’s new reality show alongside Dave Hughes, Dannii Minogue and Jackie O, bailed on an appearance of Have You Been Paying Attention? this week, which frankly didn’t surprise us at all.

While it was later revealed – to eye-roll accompanied utterances of “Oh, Lindsay” around the nation – that the 33-year-old actually spent the time hanging out on the beach, it now appears there was a lot more behind her pulling the plug.


According to The Herald Sun, the Mean Girls star’s people rattled off a list of no-go zone topics to show producers ahead of filming, so we can only assume Lindsay backed out because she was worried the comedians might completely ignore said list and go for the jugular (which is… fair enough).

According to panelist Sam Pang, they were under strict instruction not to mention: Paris Hilton, her dating life, drug and alcohol use, her run-ins with the law, and the recent closure of her Mykonos Beach Club as well as the cancellation of the accompanying MTV reality show.

In other words… just about everything we’re desperate to know more about.


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2. Oh. The Bachelor’s Monique might have a boyfriend on the outside.

We’re just three episodes in to Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor, but it’s – to our utter frustration – already becoming abundantly clear who definitely doesn’t win the astrophysicist’s heart.

EURGH. Can they please just be better at keeping their real boyfriends a secret?! Won’t somebody please think of the office sweeps?


According to the Daily Mail, ~intruder~ Monique Morley, as in the woman who was almost pushed in alpaca sh*t by Nichole for having ‘da boobs’ last night, has a boyfriend on the outside.

The publication reports that 26-year-old Monique is coupled up with personal trainer Cameron Bealey. The two have been linked since April this year, which is presumably around the time she left Bach HQ sans-rose.

Monique has since responded to rumours in a statement claiming they are “just friends”.

“Cameron and I have known each other for about a year. He’s my PT and that’s it. We are just close friends,” she said.


I guess we’ll find out in due course…

(But let’s be real, it’s pretty obvious Chelsie wins).

3. Apparently Tom Gleeson was ‘surprised’ people were offended by his infamous Logies speech.

logies tom gleeson
Image: Mamamia.

You know that feeling you get when something a bit iffy or offensive comes out of your mouth and your stomach starts eating itself?

It would appear Tom Gleeson may or may not have that feeling regarding his ~controversial~ Logies speech. You know, his Gold Logie acceptance speech during which he basically said anyone who is upset he thinks the Logies are a joke needs to 'get a f*cking life'.


Well, this week, the Hard Chat comedian went on radio and said he's still "genuinely surprised" by how offensive some thought his speech was.

"I actually thought they’d all take it in good spirits. I was genuinely surprised at how offended some people (were)," Gleeson told Triple M's  Moonman in the Morning radio show, News.com.au reports.

"Some people were offended by my speech, but you know what I find offensive? People who get up on that stage and go, ‘Oh, I haven’t thought of anything to say, I didn’t think I was going to win.'"

Whether or not Gleeson's Logies speech was offensive, there's one thing that'll always be true.

You can't control how people will react to what you do. Or something like that.

4. Macaulay Culkin has shared what an updated Home Alone would look like and it's... a lot.

According to the powers that be at Disney, Home Alone is getting a modern reboot, and we have so many questions...

  • Is Kevin working for the CIA or in jail?
  • Did Kevin's family choose to stay home for all their subsequent Christmases?
  • What are Harry and Marv up to? Probs also in jail.

And while you could argue that the definitive Christmas fave transcends time, actor Macaulay Culkin (aka Kevin) has shared what he thinks an "updated Home Alone" would look like, and a word of warning... it does not age well.





While we're all aware that any revamped version of Home Alone, would not include an adult Macaulay Culkin, we're a little conflicted as to why Disney are bringing back the childhood classic.

And we can safely say we're not alone.






5. "It's not that intense." The Bachelor's Jessica on what really goes on behind-the-scenes.

When Jessica Brody was left standing without a rose at the end of last night’s Bachelor rose ceremony, she put her head in her hands and her eyes welled up with tears.

She entered the show to find a connection, and that was exactly what she got – but it wasn’t with Bachie Matt Agnew.

The 30-year-old make-up artist told Mamamia that throughout her week in the mansion, she made lots of close friends.

Yep, even with some of the ‘old girls’.

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