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"Sorry, ignore that." Cass Wood's uncomfortable moment on Have You Been Paying Attention.


It’s been a tumultuous few days for The Bachelor‘s Cass Wood.

At the end of last Thursday’s episode, the 24-year-old didn’t receive a rose from Nick Cummins, meaning she had approximately 3.4 seconds to say goodbye to everyone before security escorted her out of the mansion. Nick, who Cass openly had strong feelings for, told her he felt they had “hit a ceiling” – a decision which left Cass in tears.

Then, over the long weekend, rumours started circulating that perhaps it WASN’T ACTUALLY OVER between Nick and Cass, who both live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

An anonymous, highly trustworthy source told NW that the Honey Badger and Cass Wood reunited after filming, and are currently in a relationship.

If the bizarre rumour turns out to be true, it’ll make comedians’ jokes about Cass on Monday night’s Have You Been Paying Attention even more awkward, after they poked a lot of fun at her ‘stage-five clinger’ reputation.

As guest quizmaster, Cass asked Glenn Robbins, Urzila Carlson, Gen Fricker, Sam Pang and Tony Martin a number of questions about The Bachelor, which they answered, as always, by tearing apart the show and everyone on it.

“On my hometown visit I got to share one of my passions with Nick,” Cass began one question. “What was it?”

Watch Cass on Have You Been Paying Attention. Post continues after video.


The correct answer, of course, was ‘horses,’ but without hesitation, Urzila responded, “A threesome?”

… No.

But the most awkward moment for Cass came when she asked the panellists what Nick’s final words were to her before letting her go.

“Friend zone, b*tch!” Urzila guessed, and again… incorrect.

Then Sam answered, “His last words were, ‘I hope you understand that if you come within 100 metres …'” implying she’s a) a stalker, and b) Nick has a restraining order out against her.

Host Tom Gleisner cut off Sam’s response early, telling Cass, “Sorry, ignore that,” while she shook her head and laughed.

Sam’s second guess was “He said, ‘See ya Cathy!'”, suggesting Nick was not at all aware of Cass’ existence/name, but eventually, Gen recalled the correct answer. “I remember now,” he said. “I hope we can still be friends.”



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Fans described the segment as “brutal” but “friggin hilarious,” and praised Cass for being such a good sport.

Of course, there’s a tangible difference between poking fun at a person’s reputation and genuinely being cruel. On Sunday, a comment on Cass’ Instagram was so nasty, Nick responded to defend her. It’s one of only a handful of times he’s referenced his role on The Bachelor on social media in recent weeks, and the only time he’s commented on a photo of one of the contestants.

Either he had simply had enough of the bullying, or there’s something going on we don’t know about. Either way, we’ll know by the end of this week, and that brings me immense joy.