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Everything we know about the rumour Matt Agnew has sex with one of The Bachelor contestants.


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Excuse us, but we have some more bachie goss that is, of course, very important.

We already knew Dr. Matt Agnew was unlike any other bachelor before him.

He’s an astrophysicist (aka he’s not an influencer), he’s… humble and it’s confirmed he kisses 17 of the 28 women who vie for his love – a record high for the Bachelor franchise. He also (sometimes) wears glasses, which we love.

But he reportedly also, ahem, has sex with one of the contestants.

Mamamia meets The Bachelor, Matt Agnew. Post continues after video.

According to a source speaking to New Idea: “The handsome astrophysicist even beds one of them and it’s not the woman he ends up picking at the final rose ceremony!”

If true, it would be a first for the Australian franchise. But according to Grant Denyer, producers have enforced rules to stop the contestants from being sexually intimate.


Not that Dr Matt Agnew was… listening. Reportedly.

“You’re not allowed to get it on. There’s no sex allowed on set,” the Gold Logie winner shared on his 2DayFM radio show in 2018.

However, although there’s an alleged #bonkingban on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, no such rule exists for those trying to find love on Bachelor In Paradise.

“You have to announce to the whole crew that you’re about to do it and they go, ‘bring in the consent camera’,” Denyer shared.

Which leaves us with two questions: A) How does Grant Denyer know this? and B) Is Osher okay?

how much do bachelor contestants get paid
According to Grant Denyer, no bachelor contestants are allowed to have sex on set. Image: Ten.

Denyer continued: "They bring in a consent camera where you go to confess to everybody on production that ‘I consent to doing this,’ before you actually do it in front of everyone.

"That is the formal process of how to get it on, on television in Australia for 2018."

On American seasons, the rules are largely different.

On the US seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, the final three contestants are offered the chance to spend a night in the ‘fantasy suite’, which is the only part of the show that isn’t filmed.

On most recent American season, the bachelorette Hannah Brown confessed she had sex in a windmill twice with one of her contestants, before clarifying in the season finale it was, in fact, four times.

Something tells us our astrophysicist might not be as... adventurous. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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