'I did Kate Middleton's wedding makeup. Here's the biggest beauty trends that'll dominate 2024.'

As Mamamia's beauty editor, part of my job involves interviewing a lot of different people. Dermatologists, skin experts, beauty brand founders, the Obamas, Oprah (okay maybe not those last two). 

But when I was asked to interview celebrity makeup artist Hannah Martin - your girl got a bit giddy. 

In case you don't know, Hannah Martin is the woman behind very important makeup looks like Kate Middleton's wedding day makeup. Like, it simply doesn't GET more glamourous than that.

She also looks after the faces of other royals like Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, as well as famous Hollywood faces like Helen Mirren, Hannah Waddingham and Nadiya Hussain. No big deal. 

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Dubbed by British Vogue as 'the queen of radiant skin and smoky eye tutorials’ Martin is, quite obviously, a real whizz on the tools. 

In fact, she's just created her own - launching her own makeup brush collection in collaboration with Ciaté London. So, I had the opportunity to ask her some questions.


We talked about the ins and outs of her new range (it's available at MECCA), but also Other Important Things. Like, her biggest pinch-me moment.

She told me, "I’ve been lucky to have lots of wild pinch-me moments in my career - many of which I’ll be taking to my grave — but last year I spent a week with Geena Davis and it was just extraordinary listening to all her tales of life in Hollywood and of her experiences of other actors."

"I’d say my first ever celebrity was a pinch me moment was Minnie Driver back in 2007 for The Graham Norton Show… it was real!!"

So. Darn. Cool. 

Wild celebrity encounters aside, we also talked about what we should be putting on our faces next year and exactly what trends we should be ditching from our routines.

Here are the biggest makeup trends for 2024, according to Kate Middleton's makeup artist, Hannah Martin.

What makeup trends are 'in' for 2024.

1. Bold colours.

After a year (or two) of minimalistic, 'clean girl' beauty, we're officially giving pared-back makeup the flick and moving into something a little more fresh and exciting, friends. Hooray!

According to Martin, next year you'll see "more experimentation with vibrant and bold colours on the eyes, lips and cheeks."

She said, "I think this could continue in 2024 as more people are embracing unconventional colour choices and daring makeup looks — which I love!"


Off the back of Pinterest Predicts 2024 report, apparently anything blue-toned (specifically '60s-inspired aquamarine) will be trending, as people lean into bolder colours that will make your makeup look pop. 

If you're not a colourful eyeshadow girl, that's totally fine! You can have a play with colourful manicures and hair accessories too — however you want to add a splash of colour to your beauty routine.

2. Skinimalism.

Full coverage foundation? Pfft. never heard of her. These days, most of us are all about ditching heavy layers of foundation and concealer and letting our skin breathe, and according to Martin, our obsession with skin isn't going anywhere. 

"There’s been a huge focus on your skin being the foundation of your look with a large emphasis on skincare and radiant complexions," she told us. "So more dewy finishes and glowy makeup looks!"

Luckily, there's a slew of new alternatives that'll give you a radiant finish while having your skin looking its cute best - with next-generation hybrid formulas giving that fresh-looking, lit-from-within glow that lets your natural skin texture shine through.

3. Expressive eyeliner.

It's time to give your usual eyeliner look five minutes on the bench - because if Martin's predictions are anything to go by, statement eyeliner is going to be a big thing next year.

"During Fashion Week, we saw such amazing, artistic eyeliner designs. I think graphic shapes and bold lines will become more popular," she said. 


The best part? It's totally wearable and the easiest way to enhance your eyes. Switch out your standard black liner for block colours like red, blue and emerald green (and keep the rest of your makeup look minimal) for an easy way to add intensity and fun.  

What makeup trends are 'out' for 2024.

We're sorry to say, but apparently matte makeup is dead. Controversial, we know.

"I think matte is gone! People are looking to appreciate a more dewy, natural complexion look without heavy foundation and powders," said Martin.

"This complements individuals’ features rather than covering them."

Along with matte makeup, Martin said the popular 'overdrawn lips' trend is a thing of the past — and can someone please check on Kylie Jenner? 

"People are so much more confident with drawing their lips with a liner to complement their cupid's bow rather than drawing over it," she said.

It goes without saying, but beauty is obviously a 'you do you' kind of game - so if you're a fan of matte makeup and overlining your lips - go for it! Each to their own.

Go forth!

What do you think of the above makeup trends for 2024? Would you try them? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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