14 million people watched Nadiya Hussain win the Great British Bake Off.

Baking is back, baby.

In a sea of Kardashians and cat-fights, you would be forgiven for thinking reality TV is, well, crap.

But the enormous success of the finale of the Great British Bake Off last night has proven that reality TV still has its place in the world, as long as it only focuses on baking.

The emotional finale saw series favourite 30-year-old mother of three Nadiya Hussain breaking down in tears as she was announced as the eventual winner.

It was a beautiful moment, and one that left many others in tears as well (post continues after video):

With an estimated 14 million tuning in to watch it, many are predicting this humble baking show will have the biggest audience in Britain this year according to The Guardian.

What’s more, the favourite and eventual winner of the show thought she didn’t have a chance, describing herself as “not a stereotypical British person” in an interview with Radio Times.

The reason? She was aware of being seen as a “Muslim in a headscarf” to the British public.

In the interview with Radio Times, she said “Originally, I was a bit nervous that perhaps people would look at me, a Muslim in a headscarf, and wonder if I could bake. But I hope that, week by week, people have realised that I can bake – and just because I’m not a stereotypical British person, it doesn’t mean that I am not into bunting, cake and tea.

“I’m just as British as anyone else, and I hope I have proved that. I think the show is a fantastic representation of British society today. The feedback I have had reveals how accepting people are of different cultures and religions. Now people know who I am, I can see how tolerant and accepting British society is.”

As the show wore on, it was clear the sassy 30-year-old mother of three wouldn’t take no shit from anybody, even the judges Paul and Mary.


As she was announced the winner, many took to social media to exclaim their own happiness and emotion at her being crowned victorious:

The show is a refreshing change from the constant bickering and gripes that we so often see on reality TV.

What’s more, the very premise of it – that of “who can be the best baker” – is so very simple and inclusive. Literally anyone can learn how to bake, and there is something strangely calming about watching others do so.

As for Nadiya’s future after winning the prestigious title of Great British Bake Off, she has predicted things will just “carry on as normal”.

According to BBC, she said that “being a mum to three small children under 10 is pretty time consuming, but I wanted to have my own adventure, which with a very supportive husband and a belief in my own ability, I can now carry on having my adventure.”

“I am really looking forward to see what will happen.”

Great British Bake Off
Nadiya Winning the Great British Bake Off. Source: Youtube

Luckily for us, Australia is getting our very own version of the Great Australian Bake Off that starts October 13 on Foxtel.

We can only hope that ours has a similarly positive message, and similarly excellent looking cakes.