The best eyeshadows for women with green eyes.

Fact: Green eyes are beautiful and rare. This can be both a curse and a blessing. They’re unique – but it can be very tricky trying to find eyeshadow that accentuates your colour.

The right shade can make your eyes pop, so in order to understand which eyeshadows you should be reaching for, you first need to turn your mind back to art class. Using the “colour wheel theory” you just need to locate your eye colour, and then look at the colour directly opposite it on the wheel. By selecting contrasting colours, you’ll enhance what you’ve already got.

Translation: Those of us with green eyes should be reaching for anything purple. Yep, purple. Don’t let that scare you though. Purple shades can be anything from a muted lavender to a vivid electric violet and plum shades. All of them will accentuate the green in your eyes, making them appear clearer and brighter. (Post continues after gallery).


For a toned down, natural daytime look you also have the option of swapping the stock standard black eyeliner for a dark brown with reddish undertones. Again, this will ‘oomph’ up your eye colour and really make it stand out.

For something a bit different, green-eyed women also have the option of playing around with copper and bronze shades which can set off any gold flecks in the iris and make the green in your eyes more vivid. Rather than reaching for black kohl next time you’re attempting a smokey eye, try using deep golds and bronzes to achieve the same look.

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So what should you avoid if you’re a green-eyed woman? The answer is silver. Silver generally does nothing for green eyes and can wash the colour out completely. Sure, you may want to use a tiny bit of silver as an accent every now and then but sticking with warm colours and purples will bring out the best in your colour.

Whats your go-to eyeshadow colour to make your eyes pop?

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