The Game of Thrones fan theories that might prove Daenerys is still alive.

Warning: this post contains a LOT of spoilers for Game of Thrones season eight.

So you thought the endless speculation over Game of Thrones would end along with the show? Think again…

There are some new fan theories doing the rounds that we’d really like to get behind. Well, we need something to get us through our now Throne-less Mondays.

The theories claim that your favourite Breaker of Chains turned Mad Queen, Daenerys Targaryen, isn’t really dead.

We mean, she certainly looked pretty dead last time we saw her, being carried into the sky by Drogon with Jon’s dagger still firmly lodged in her chest.

But these theories definitely aren’t the craziest we’ve heard. In fact, at least one of them sounds plausible:

Dany gets resurrected by the Red Priestess.

It’s certainly not the first time it’s happened. That Lord of Light fella loves bringing people back from the dead: Jon Snow once, Beric Dondarrion six times… So why not Dany?

In season six, Kinvara, a Red Priestess of the Lord of Light travels from Volantis to Mereen to talk to Tyrion and Varys. Kinvara is a big fan of Dany. In fact, she believes she’s “the prince who was promised” and leaves Tyrion and Varys assuring them they serve the same Queen.

Fast forward to season eight and Dany has been killed by Jon Snow. King Bran is discussing Drogon’s whereabouts, and is told Drogon was last spotted “heading east, towards Volantis.”


Could it be possible Drogon was taking his mum’s body to Valantis to get Kinvara to bring her back to life?

Far-fetched, yes, but this is Game of Thrones where possibilities are endless.

It did seem a bit weird to introduce Kinvara for seemingly no reason at all other than to tell us there were other Red Priestesses besides Melisandre. Kinvara was a bit of a red herring… literally.

What’s interesting about this fan theory is the fact a Redditor who’s credited for leaking many of the plot points from season eight (and even believed to be an HBO employee) says there was supposed to be a post credits scene with Emilia Clarke that didn’t make the cut in the final edit. Can you imagine we were supposed to see Dany suddenly taking a big old breath à la Jon Snow as she comes back to life?



Dany warged into Drogon.

This seems way more unlikely in our humble opinion but look, some of Dany’s fans are less than happy about the Mother of Dragons’ fate. She really did go from 0-100 with that King’s Landing BBQ of hers.

Some super fans are suggesting she warged into Drogon when she died. It’s something that’s perhaps more in line with the books. In A Dance With Dragons, a wildling comes back in the body of one of his wolves so… maybe?

We’re getting flashbacks to when Viserys (Dany’s creepy evil brother) claims he was an actual dragon in season one. Of course, Dany was the only one who earned the title ‘Unburnt.’ It does seem a shame she could emerge from the fire unscathed but die from a pesky stab wound to the heart.


The ending of Game of Thrones was certainly divisive, and over a million people have even signed a petition to remake the whole final series.

But perhaps it’s time to let sleeping dragons lie? (Until we want to dissect the next theory, that is…)   

What do you think of these fan theories? Could Dany still be alive? Tell us in the comments.

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