Excuse us, but we need to discuss the 10 most comfortable pairs of undies in existence.

Shopping for underwear is a chore that many of us avoid. 

With so many choices to pick from and not much of an idea about what's actually goodmost of us wait until we literally need to replace them all and start again. Hello, you too?

Watch Monique Bowley discuss the knickers she thinks are the best. Post continues below.

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A good pair of undies need to tick a few different boxes. They need to be comfortable, good quality, invisible underneath clothing and of course, affordable.

We spoke to our Mamamia community to hear exactly what undies are their all-time favourite. And some of them shared the same answers.

From g-string to full brief, here's our definitive ranking of the 10 most comfortable pairs of undies.

Comfortable cotton briefs to buy in Australia.

Calvin Klein Carousel 3 Pack Brief, $73.

Calvin Klein Carousel 3 Pack Brief. Image: ASOS.


"I got a few packs of these Calvin Klein briefs while on holiday in the US and immediately swapped out all of my underwear for them! They're super soft and comfy, but also still cute! I can wear 'em all day without any discomfort like you get with the pretty silky, lacey ones." - Emma.

Kmart 4 Pack Cotton Stretch G-String Briefs, $8.

Kmart 4 Pack Cotton Stretch G-string Briefs. Image: Kmart.


"Kmart g-strings are great. $8 for a pack of four. Honestly, what more could you want." - Abby.

Powerpants "Dip Your Toes In", $29.

Powerpants "Dip Your Toes In". Image: Powerpants.


"Soft, breathable organic cotton undies and my favourite colour would be the grey! Made by a Sydney-based Lady Startup. Each pair have a cute affirmation printed on them to give you a little power in your pants. PLUS, a donation made to charity with every purchased." - Kee.

Calvin Klein Pure Seamless Bikini Brief, $29.95.

Calvin Klein Pure Seamless Bikini Brief. Image: Calvin Klein.


"I love the Calvin Klein Pure Seamless range because not only do you not have to worry about a VPN, but they honestly feel so bloody comfy - like a second skin. They're my go-to for workouts." - Erin.

Nico Jemimah Mini Brief, $44.

Nico Jemimah Mini Brief. NICO.


"These are Australian made, a Lady Startup, ethical and feel like a dream." - Emmeline.

Bonds Retro Rib Hi Hi, $18.99.

Bonds Retro Rib Hi Hi. Image: Bonds.

"I love love love these! The fabric is so comfy and stretchy and the waistband doesn't dig into your skin. I also really like the cut - they make my legs look good haha!" - Erin.

Stylish lace undies to buy in Australia.

Triumph Cotton and Lace Full Brief, $17.95.

Triumph Cotton and Lace Full Brief. Image: Triumph.


"These are by far my favourite full-coverage undies. They are high-waisted so super comfortable for all-day wear and they don't create a wedgie like so many others. Plus, the lace detailing down the sides is a cute touch." - Kate.

Never Say Never Cutie Thong 5 Pack, $167.

Never Say Never Cutie Lr Thong 5 Pack. Image: Cosabella.


"They're the perfect blend of comfort, stretch and pretty all in one. They're one size fits all, come in a great range of colours and also are really cute for gifts. They come in cute multi packs with little bows." - Isobel.

Cotton On Body Party Pants Seamless (in G-String and Brasiliano), $11.99.

Cotton On Body Party Pants Seamless. Image: Cotton On.


"I live in these. Invisible under gym leggings, comfy AF, feels like wearing nothing. Only downside is they don't fare too well in the washing machine after a while. They're cheap and usually on an offer where you buy five for $35." - Polly.

"I own a heck of a lot of these... no crazy sticky-out-seams, they don't move when I exercise and they're cheap!" - Gem.

Jockey Parisienne Classic Full Brief, $21.99.

Jockey Parisienne Classic Full Brief. Image: Jockey.


"They legitimately are the comfiest undies. It's the fabric - silky soft and engineered to move with your body." - Tamara.

"The cut. The end. But truly, they don't ride up or slip down. Even the Brazilian-cut ones stay comfortably in place. I also love the fact that they come in a cotton version that doesn't look totally daggy (courtesy of the lil' lace trim). Monique Bowley recommended them on Mamamia Out Loud a million years ago and they're honestly the only day-to-day ones I've bought since." - Bel.

What's your favourite pair of undies? C'mon, tell us in the comments below!

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Feature image: Supplied and Instagram @cottononbody.

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