"They're like a second skin." 14 women from size 6-24 share their favourite pair of leggings.

There are a couple of clothing staples that make up the perfect capsule wardrobe. These include a basic white tee, blue jeans, a black blazer, and of course, a solid pair of leggings.

Although leggings have always been the quintessential item to wear while exercising, more and more, they’ve become an essential part of our everyday rotation.

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And that’s because they tick all the boxes: you can dress them up or down, they’re comfy and they look good on everyone, no matter your shape or size.

As the market continues to offer us plenty of choice when it comes to leggings (if not too much choice), we wanted to know what trusty pairs real women swear by.

So from 14 women that wear sizes 6 to 24, these are the leggings that come out on top.

Nike Women’s Sculpt Victory Training Tights, $55.99, in size 8 and 10.

Image: Rebel Sports.

"They are super stretchy but still firm. I also love how high-waisted they are because I feel comfortable to just wear a sports bra in a class where it's hot hot hot!" - Kee.

"I love them because they're like a second skin, they just stick to you - aka no saggy crotch bits! So good to run in as they feel barely there. Also, they're so high-waisted so they hold everything in (I originally thought they were maternity tights because they are so high!). It also means you can just wear a crop top and not show too much stomach." - Eleanor.

Cotton On Curve Lifestyle 7/8 Tight, $39.99, in size 22.

Image: Supplied.

"Finding plus size tights that don't make you feel like sausage meat in a too-tight casing can be tricky, but these ones from Cotton On Curve are so, so comfy. I was gifted this leopard pair and I've been wearing them while working from home. They're high-waisted with a thick band that has a generous fit that doesn't cut into your gut. The length finishes just above the ankle on my short legs and the material is silky.

"I wouldn't wear these to do a workout as they're more of a relaxed, comfy pair but I wear them at my desk and on walks around the neighbourhood. Bonus points for the print because it lifts my mood! The leopard is currently sold out but it also comes in some fun, pastel florals." - Amy.


Nike Women's Leg A See Just Do It Tights, $48.99, in size medium.

Image: Rebel Sports.

"These are my go-to black leggings. If you wear them long enough the text on the side kind of becomes marked on your legs underneath... but I see it as encouragement to always 'Just Do It'" - Leah.

Rockwear Maternity Ultra High 3/4 Tights, $79.99, in size 10.

Image: Rockwear.

"I wear a size 10 in the maternity tights (pre-maternity I was a size 8). I love these tights as the fabric is comfortable and high quality (nice and thick but not too hot). I love that they are high rise so come all the way over my bump for support and comfort (no digging in anywhere), and they have stretched really well - I have been wearing these since being three months pregnant and am now seven months along, and they are in great shape still!

The 3/4 ones are great as they come below my knee, they're a good price (I also got them for 30% off) and Rockwear has free shipping." - Janine.

Active Truth Smart Pocket 7/8 Length Tight, $114.99, in size large.

Image: Active Truth.

"They are super comfy and supportive. The waistband never slips. Also, Zoe Foster Blake recommended them and I basically believe everything she says." - Elecia.

Lululemon Align High-Rise Pant 28", $119, in US sizes 4 and 6.

Image: Lululemon.

"So stretchy and soft, they last FOREVER - I've had mine for years and they are still like new and always hold their shape." - Lily.

"They're the perfect black-blue shade; they go with everything. Perfect for yoga, running or wearing around the house like I am here. They never bag or lose elasticity." - Tamara.

Image: Supplied.
Image: Supplied.

"I've owned these leggings for years and they continue to be my go-to. I can firmly agree with both ladies above and share that they never lose their shape. I will absolutely be buying them again when I eventually need to." - Charlotte.

Cotton On Body Active High Waist Core Tight, $29.99, in size large.

Image: Cotton On.

"They're super soft and comfortable whether you're sitting around the house or going running. The high waist is flattering and they're great value for money." - Polly.

Lorna Jane  Amy F/L Tight, $99.99, in size small.

Image: Lorna Jane.

"Thick, figure-hugging fabric. High enough to hold in your tummy and includes a drawstring so they stay up when you're running or working out. Little zip pocket for a key or coins too." - Laura.


Alo Yoga 7/8 High-waist Air Life Legging, $114, in size small.

Image: Alo Yoga.

"They feel like a second skin and are the perfect weight for any sort of exercise, not too heavy but not too thin so you feel like you're getting the support you want. They're also great to make your butt look perky. I wear them for spin classes, pilates and for running!" - Isobel.

D+K Active Believer Tight, $79.95, in size 22.

Image: Supplied.

"Stocking up to a size 24, D Plus K is based in Brisbane and is by far the most comfortable of the activewear I've tried. It’s made from a ‘Custom Elixir Fabric’ (whatever that means) but it has amazing stretch, is quick-drying and pulls on perfectly.

I tried the Embrace range. I got the Embrace 3.4 leggings - they require no peeling and pulling, they fit me like a glove. When I put them through their paces they moved with my body, provided no resistance and didn’t go see-through - a win! - Lacey-Jade.

Bonds Bodies Leggings, $29.95, in size 8.

Image: Bonds.

"I have been wearing BONDS tights since I was a teenager. I exercise in proper workout tights, but I live in these for lounging around the house, travelling and sometimes (cheekily) in the office under long tops or dresses during winter. They've been great during isolation WFH.

"They are cheap, super comfy and are quite thin - so you don't feel constricted or smothered by them. I don't want to feel 'sucked in' when I am in lazy mode, but I also like not having to wear something super baggy to be comfortable." - Gemma.

Do you have a favourite pair of leggings? Let us know in the comments.

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