'I overhauled my underwear drawer and I've never felt more empowered.'

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I would like to consider myself body-positive or, on a bad day, body-neutral. Still, the idea of cleaning out my wardrobe always sends me into a state of despair.      

Like most women, I choose to torture myself by keeping clothes and underwear that no longer fit me. 

They languish in the back of my wardrobe and the bottom of my drawers, mocking me. A reminder that my body isn't the same as it used to be. 

Embarrassingly, I've lugged these clothes from share house to share house and eventually, now my own place. 

I've been around the same size for a few years now. There have been smaller moments, like when I was going through a rough break-up and my diet consisted of wine and Tim Tams. 

And larger moments, like when I returned to my parents and lived off baked dinners and Scotch Fingers with butter slathered on top. But even when I am at my smallest, some clothes just don't quite fit. These were the clothes I wore when I only drank vodka cruisers. Yet, I keep them as if the body I've been in most of my adult life is only temporary. 


The most illogical part of this hoarding is that I no longer even like my old clothes or underwear. 

The things that no longer fit me are not timeless classic pieces. No, they are from when I thought Ke$ha was quite stylish. 

Clothing wise, I went through a very cutesy stage. Think Alannah Hill meets Hannah Montana, now I feel I've lodged too many tax returns and done a lot more living to quite pull that off. 

My old underwear is even more grim. I bought plain nude t-shirt bras because I was scared of my own nipples, and also bras with weird buckles that poked my body in unflattering places (popular during the Fifty Shades of Grey frenzy). 

I thought they were the definition of sexy. I have no idea why I went to so much trouble, considering the men I dated didn't even own bed frames.

I decided to tackle my wardrobe this week after seeing a video from Bras N Things that caught my attention. It showcased a range of different women, all different sizes, owning their bodies and celebrating themselves. 

Women that looked like me. 

Naturally, I thought all these women looked stunning, it made me wonder: why was I so hard on my own body? Why had I decided I wasn’t worth celebrating and why on earth didn’t I own a bra that made me feel sexy (because damn it I AM sexy)?

This video was for women who wanted to step into their power, feel more confident in their skin and take control of their life. It felt like it was talking straight to me.

So here I was, doing something about it.

My usual clean-out ritual involves forcing myself to try on all of my clothes, then feeling terrible they didn't fit, before quickly placing them back in my wardrobe. Then I'd swear to myself that I'd never eat another meat pie for breakfast again. (An incredible hangover cure, btw). 

Now I'm picking up each piece, examining it and asking myself the question, 'do I even like this anymore?' Very Marie Kondo. I'd look at a skirt with tulle under it and remind myself I wasn't one of The Veronicas and we're not in the early 2000s, so off to charity it would go. 

The process of making it about my clothes rather than my body was effective. 

Throwing out my underwear was even easier. The bras with buckles had lost their appeal, and the t-shirt bras had lost so much shape, they no longer resembled anything recognisable. 


The knickers with holes in them were a no-brainer. Crazily, I'd deprived myself of buying new underwear for years, on the basis that my underwear drawer was full. The fact none of it fit, didn't matter because I always swore it would fit me soon

After I cleared it all out, all I had left was one boring nude bra. A bra I had bought on sale, promising myself I'd make myself smaller. 

I needed new underwear; actually, I deserved new underwear. 

Interestingly, despite keeping some clothes that no longer fit me, I was continuously updating my wardrobe with clothing that brought me joy. 

But I'd never bothered to do the same with my underwear. 

Honestly, it was hard because I have big boobs. They've never been small, but when I gained weight years ago, they naturally got bigger and went from a DD to an F, and once you are an F, lingerie shopping becomes the equivalent of jeans shopping. 

Nothing fits, and you are sent to some very dark corner in a department store to stare at either very boring underwear or very gaudy underwear. 

It's either plain or purple leopard print with red piping. Underwear shopping became my biggest shame, a reminder that my body was different now, and my punishment was never wearing a nice bra again. 

Thankfully, after my recent overhaul, I discovered Bras N Things are championing women to take control of the narrative. 

They also cater to my size range. 

Suddenly a whole world opened up to me, a world of half cup bras with delicate lace and supportive full cup bras in beautiful and bright colours. 

Sure, I could buy a nude bra, but I could also buy a hot pink one. 

I could finally be one of those cool girls that wore blazers that highlighted their beautiful lingerie. 

Exhibit A. Image: Supplied. 


Bras with intricate lace detailing and strong support. Suddenly all my clothes sat better: an instant boob job. I could buy tops that were plunging to show off the black lace of my bra, which made me feel sexy yet sophisticated.. I could also indulge in matching sets. 

GET A LOAD OF THIS. Image: Supplied.

I was thrilled to discover that Bras N Things offered more than just bikini cuts in their bottoms. I enjoy a high waisted option that doesn't make me feel frumpy and a g-string that makes me feel flirty. 

The detail! Image: Supplied.


I found undies that embraced my curves rather than worked to conceal them. When I took off my bra at the end of the day, there were no angry red marks. More importantly, my new underwear made me feel sexy and confident. 

YES. Image: Supplied. 


It's hard to be critical of yourself when you find lingerie that makes you look so bloody good. 

Everyday when I get dressed, I start by putting on underwear that celebrates my body as it is now in all its cellulite glory. It feels empowering, like a little love letter to myself to start the day. 

Look. At. This. Image: Supplied.

Getting rid of my old clothing was freeing. Shoved to the back of my closest, and in my drawers were all my body issues. 

Sure it hasn't solved them. Hey, even Lizzo has admitted she has bad body days. But getting rid of them out of my life allowed room, physically and mentally, for clothes and underwear that made me feel good. That celebrated me as I am now. 

My wardrobe is no longer aspirational; instead, it is now inspirational. Clothes and underwear that inspire me, excite me and fit me. Plus, I learned something equally as important as body acceptance. 

A good bra changes your wardrobe. 

Is it time to overhaul your underwear drawer too? Find new things to explore in the new Bras N Things collection. Here's to feeling and being all that we are and all that we can be.

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