"My skin has improved so much": 11 women share the best skin treatment they’ve ever had.

You know what's fun? Having a nosy into other people's skincare routines. And there's honestly no better place to get your perve on than the You Beauty Facebook group. (If you're not a member, do your face a favour).

Because look, it's all a bit bloody confusing. The whole skincare thing. And most of us just want to be told what works and what to spend our money on. Especially when it comes to skin treatments.

There are so many choices! So many fancy names! It's hard to know whether we actually need them or will see any real benefits.

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Which is why we've pulled together a round-up of all the best skin treatments people genuinely recommend.

And while we all know results obviously vary between individual skin types (cause everyone's skin is different), it's helpful knowing what other people swear by for best results.

Below, 11 women from the You Beauty Facebook group share the very best skin treatment they've ever tried.

Skin needling.

"Skin needling is the best skin treatment I've had by far! I now use a derma roller at home each Sunday night and my skin has improved so much. I also use prescription retinoid every second night." - Jodi.

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"I used to have a roller and then upgraded to a Dermapen [a microneedling pen] called Dr Pen M8. It's so easy to use and the results are better. I love skin needling." - Holly.

"For me, it's skin needling and good skincare products. The needling feels like a face tattoo, but a week later your skin is amazing." - Amy.

Prescription retinoid.

"A combination of skin needling and prescription retinoid for me. My acne scars are non-existent and the acne itself is almost completely gone as well." - Hannah.

BroadBand light (BBL).

"Not to be confused with Brazilian butt lift! BBL is a laser treatment that works to reduce the signs of ageing and pigmentation. Your freckles literally fall off, it's the best!" - Leah.

"[I started] BBL and prescription retinoid at age 53. The results are great - [my] capillaries were gone after one to two sessions and redness [was] down by 80 per cent." - Carolyn.


Laser skin rejuvenation.

"Laser for pigmentation reduction. I had three sessions for these results." - Jess.

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Skin tightening.

"Thermage skin tightening - I've had it done twice! I also use prescription retinol from Software and it's amazing." - Je.

Skin resurfacing.

"Fraxel - it's so good once a year in winter. The downtime is between five to seven days - but it varies between people. It's usually seven days of downtime for me, but my friends are fine after four or so days." - Sophia.

Micro-current facial toning.

"NuFACE micro-current device. While subtle, the results keep me motivated to spend the extra five minutes a day you need to SEE results. I saw results after about two weeks, but you have to be diligent."

"Although they say the effects are cumulative, the difference between skin tightness appears to visibly drop off after a couple of days. That's why I do it in the [morning] - the tightness then slowly goes away from the time you do it, so I don't want to waste a nice tight face at night asleep!" - Slam.


"The cold really tightens and smoothes the skin. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, too." - Ellie.


"[I've tried] Microdermabrasion. I love how smooth the skin feels afterwards." - Julia.

Have you tried any of the above skin treatments before? What are your thoughts? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@jessicastevensfitness@ausskinclinicspacfair.

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