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taintedblackcat February 27, 2024

I’m not a Taylor fan but this is a really cool twist on all the other articles floating around. So much respect for her pre-show workout. If Lady Gaga did something similar with having fibromyalgia then I am in awe 

taintedblackcat February 26, 2024

Incredible news! I hope it’s an easy and smooth transition 

taintedblackcat February 15, 2024

My mum just said she looks in love, happy for her. I said no way his behaviour the last few days has her wondering if he’s a tool. Mum was like don’t be so cynical and I said I’m not I’m being realistic, he. won’t.last.. also who cares. I don’t get the hype over this girl honestly!

taintedblackcat February 15, 2024

I still use the pink Britney one because it’s the only one that doesn’t make me gag 

taintedblackcat February 13, 2024

I just watched the preview and they’re right about being flat and dull. It’s got no emotional pull. Ariana looks pretty but that’s about it. 

taintedblackcat February 10, 2024

With the price of rent/mortgage repayments it seems insane to pay to stay so close to home particularly if it’s not a new area to explore :(

taintedblackcat February 9, 2024

I’m an Employee Relations Advisor for a large Aussie company and as much as I want to be excited about this particular change, I gotta be honest.. I can’t. It’s just going to be one more gripe to include for those hell bent on complaining, it will mean further disputes and grievances with their employer. I agree that it’s going to be too hard to fight against & for us it’ll became more emails to wade through where we have to talk them through who it really applies to. I am all for the majority of changes except the Fixed Term Contracts where I’ve just seen a friend lose her job because extending is no longer an option. At least they’re trying, I guess!

taintedblackcat February 4, 2024

at home LED is a life changer! I used to use the neutrogena one before it vanished but now have the Kmart mask and love it. I can get bad skin from pain meds but it’s kept any breakouts at bay! Highly recommend 

taintedblackcat February 3, 2024

I’m wondering if this is something she created to help with the anxiety associated with her lupus. I’ve got fibromyalgia and severe anxiety because of it, I feel like this might be good for me. Lavender spray can be good but not ideal for my allergy prone chihuahua. I’d be keen to try this but $39 is a lot for something that MAY work! 

taintedblackcat February 1, 2024

How can you post this without a photo of at least the mum!!

taintedblackcat January 25, 2024

Not long after covid my mum and I heard parents were struggling to afford back to school supplies so during Boxing Day we stocked up on maybe 15-20 backpacks and filled them with items required and left them at the school. Hopefully they were useful 

taintedblackcat January 22, 2024

As a HR/ER professional for a large aust company I can tell you now these are absolutely work appropriate! If you think otherwise you need to stop sexualising. 

taintedblackcat January 21, 2024

I love that this focuses on how AA and rehab aren’t the only ways to get sober. Until you work that out getting sober is really confusing. For me it was finding out I had fibromyalgia and being put on the right pain meds meant I didn’t need the alcohol. No psych sessions, no AA, just cold turkey and haven’t looked back. There are different paths for everyone, it takes time & it’s okay to fall off the wagon.

taintedblackcat January 17, 2024

The one with the wing sleeves is identical to my mums wedding dress. Tempted to buy it 

taintedblackcat January 16, 2024

I have a beautiful property I rented out and I was so sure that I’d be strict on who I picked but the young guy that applied was from the country, he had just come out to everyone & he had worked so hard he wanted to start his 20s living somewhere awesome. He was so honest with my agent & I jumped on his socials to vet his story. A bunch of my friends still live in the complex and keep an eye on things & have said I made the best decision by giving him a go. His insta posts are so adorable about finding himself, decking out my place & exploring the area. Honesty and sharing your story is always a good idea on an application! 

taintedblackcat January 11, 2024

They’re all shockingly bad in comparison to the books! 

taintedblackcat January 7, 2024

Caster oil does the same thing and it’s about $15 for a bottle at chemist warehouse. Just don’t use nice pillowcases!

taintedblackcat January 4, 2024

Excited for a Good Grief! Fool me once was a letdown but entertaining enough, as a Harlan Coban fan they’ve all missed the mark so no shock on this one. 

taintedblackcat January 3, 2024

@rosiecat I found my really old glassons ones that look the same as the cotton on ultra soft roll over ones and it prompted me to buy shiny ones off Shein, normally I’m all for 7/8ths but I actually love them! I feel less daggy?

taintedblackcat December 31, 2023

Keep in mind a lot of business now let you switch out Australia Day for another day (for us we opted for 2 weeks on either side). By doing this you can line things up to better suit your time off.