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taintedblackcat January 8, 2022

My cat was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 14. The vet suggested we put her down, she assumed I couldn’t afford the treatment. Money was nothing, she was my best friend. 3yrs later the same vet put her down due to old age. She said her biggest regret was assuming and not giving me all of the options and promised to never do that again. Everyone in the comments have a valid point and it’s an emotional story. So long as the dog is with a good owner and it’s healthy and happy that’s all that matters.

taintedblackcat January 4, 2022

Finally, someone else agrees with me! This show made no sense! 

taintedblackcat December 1, 2021

One thing I noticed is that my dark circles were far more prevalent if I’d started eating dairy/lactose more regularly 

taintedblackcat October 22, 2021

I honestly think the only good thing to come out of covid was that people ask before they hug or touch you now.  I don’t like being touching by people I don’t know well or strangers being in my personal space. I used to have a CEO that made fun of me being open about it when I ran HR training about ‘unwanted touching not being acceptable’. I loved that after the session people would say that it isn’t funny or something to be joked about. Hopefully he got the memo in the midst of covid! Consent is too important to ignore. 

taintedblackcat October 22, 2021

This is so lovely! Brooke is a really good role model for women. 

taintedblackcat October 14, 2021

Weird I have the cotton on ones and love them but no camel toe and mine don’t roll down so they must have changed the fit over time! 

taintedblackcat October 9, 2021

I once got told off and had it put in my review that I wrote things down too much.. the things I needed to remember! I also work in HR so I refused to sign off on my review. Suffice to say she never moved up in her career! 

taintedblackcat October 1, 2021

I found the answer for number 8 because it was driving me bat$h*t crazy! It’s called a Covelette! I buy mine at Adair’s and they’re amazing for in-between weather. 

taintedblackcat July 15, 2021

I was ready to be pissed (as a melbourbian) but she nailed it.

taintedblackcat July 15, 2021

I was prepped for an angry comment but 300000% agree. Nailed it. I want to be mad.. but I’m kind of proud that we’re nailing it.. again. I’m proud my 70yo mum is safe and honestly right now that’s all that matters ♥️

taintedblackcat June 9, 2021

Such beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your story & insights. As someone that hasn’t had kids it’s nice to know the truth about birth and even understand what my mum went through as my sister and I were c-section babies.