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From Melissa's mystery box to the Golden Snitch: The 10 best moments of MasterChef 2020.

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If you've been watching this season of MasterChef, you will agree when we say that it has hands down been the wholesome content we've needed during this crazy time. 

The reality cooking show which started back in April, gave us an instant sense of relief as the world suddenly became filled with overwhelming uncertainty.

Things we all say while watching MasterChef. Post continues below.

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The first episode introduced us to three new judges — Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo, and brought back various familiar faces including Poh Ling Yeow and Reynold Poernomo. Almost immediately, we were hooked.

But sadly, there are only a few days left before it comes to an end for another year.

So, let's take a trip down memory lane. 

Here are the 10 best moments from MasterChef 2020.

1. Introducing us to the new judges.

We cannot deny that when they announced three new judges would replace the veterans, we were worried. 


Will they be as good? Will they be as funny? Will they... work?

But quickly we had our answer: Hell yes. 

Melissa Leong is an absolute delight, Andy Allen is the larrikin we didn't know we needed, and well, Jock and his accent... we have no words. We are 110 per cent on board with these new judges and want them back on our screens immediately.


2. Melissa's mystery box.

During the first mystery box challenge of the season, judge Melissa designed her own. It included more unlikely ingredients inspired by her upbringing, such as chicken feet, taro and galangal. 


But despite the smart decision to choose more difficult foods to stump the contestants, it was something about her picking such personal, Asian ingredients that linked to her own life, that made it quite a beautiful, unique moment.


3. When Emelia, Amina and Tracy band together during the all-women immunity challenge.

During one of the hardest immunity challenges in MasterChef history, three female chefs Amina Elshafei, Emelia Jackson and Tracy Collins were clearly under intense pressure. They were cooking in a tiny kitchen and had to serve 100 plates of food. 

But instead of fighting against one another for the winning spot, the women worked together. We watched Amina ask Emelia to taste her beef for her because it wasn't halal, Emelia wipe Tracy's dishes off for her before they were sent out for service, because she'd already finished hers, and Tracy ask Amina to sing while they all worked against impossible deadlines.

It was glorious.

Image: Channel 10.


4. Reece's reaction to Katy Perry.

Katy Perry might've been an exciting guest judge, but honestly, Reece's reaction to her arriving was 10 times better.

A picture tells a thousand words. Image: Channel 10.


5. When Reynold, Khanh and Poh opened up about their childhood. 

During one of the Mystery Box challenges, contestants lifted the lids of their box to find a childhood photo. 


Khanh spoke about his family living in a refugee camp and how their lives changed so much coming to Australia, Reynold shared how he never saw his parents when he was young as they worked tirelessly to support their family, and Poh expressed her love for her father who taught her to always believe in herself when she felt “invisible” as a migrant kid growing up in Australia.

Everyone, and we mean everyone, got emotional.


6. Brendan and Reece's friendship.

It's impossible to watch this season and not become obsessed with the friendship between Brendan Pang and Reece Hignell.


During one episode this season, the two cooks were captains of two rival teams. And despite both being annoyed they had to cook off against each other, the friendly banter between them melted our hearts.

"It's difficult going head-to-head against Reece, my best friend in the competition. But there is a big fire in me to beat him today. Otherwise, I'll never hear the end of it," Brendan said.

While Reece shared, "So, Brendan and I first met at the auditions in Season 10, formed a really good friendship. I think he's an incredible cook. I respect him a lot. So, yeah, I'm a bit threatened by versing against my bestie today."

Oh, and fans love their friendship so much they have named it #Breece.


7. When Jess helped Amina during an elimination.

We could not forget another glorious moment when female contestants supported each other.

During a pressure test this season, the contestants were no longer allowed to use a recipe to make a mango mousse. And after Amina began to struggle without it, Jess Liemantara (who had memorised the whole thing) shared the ratios with her. 

Our hearts melted.


8. Jock yelling out the contestants name as they leave for the final time.

Ok, yes this might be multiple moments but it makes such a sad goodbye a little happier.

If you think about every contestants who has left the MasterChef kitchen, when they leave Jock belts out their name as they walk out the door. And suddenly they (and us) go from being teary eyed to happy. It's so bloody wholesome.

9. Sarah's constant enthusiasm (towards absolutely everything).


Sarah Tiong has to be the most positive MasterChef contestant of all time. When she discusses food, her face lights up and she is enthusiastic about anything and everything. 

We love her.


10. The Golden Snitch.

And finally, we could not forget the mesmerising and mind-boggling creations made by Reynold Poernomo. Most of all, his recent Harry Potter-inspired dessert, The Golden Snitch.

Feature image: Instagram/@fooderati @reecehignell